2022 public competitions for graduates: list by region

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Librarian competition

Publication of notices of public competitions for graduates in each Italian Region: the hiring they concern the most disparate sectors, from health to regional public administration.

As well terms they may be different depending on the position for which the candidate intends to apply.

We try to take stock of what’s new 2022 public competitions for graduates by dividing the active calls for tenders into a list by Region: we divide the new hiring possibilities by territorial zones (North-East, North-West, Center, South).

2022 public competitions for graduates: calls from the North-East Regions

As for northeastern Italy, different public competitions 2022 are active in Lombardy. Some, unfortunately, expired in the first days of April, while from February 4 it is possible to apply for the functions of administrative staff toMonza Bar (deadline April 24, 2022).

In Aosta Valleyinstead, it is possible to apply for the competition for the recruitment of 40 AUSL administrative assistants who will work for the Region: the deadline is April 21.

In Piedmont Registration for the competition for new recruits is open administrative and technical staff in the city of Turin, with a deadline of April 14, 2022.

2022 public competitions for graduates: calls from the North-West Regions

Move to Northeast Regionswhich offer a large number of opportunities and new public competitions that are still active.

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In Veneto The extraordinary and urgent public competition for the formation of two lists of staff as is active until July 31, 2022 childminder educator – kindergarten and kindergarten teacher – e kindergarten, Temporary. To participate, all you need is a diploma.

In Emilia-Romagna Registration is open for the competition relating to the recruitment of technical and administrative profiles to the Municipalities of:

  • Reggio Emilia;
  • Forly;
  • Ravenna.

Each municipality has set its own deadline: we invite you to consult the individual calls for more detailed information.

2022 public competitions for graduates: calls from the Center Regions

The Tuscany offers several public opportunities and competitions for graduates in April. At the municipal level there are the following offers:

  • the Municipality of Pisa published a recruitment notice for 4 administrative monitors (expires April 28, 2022);
  • the Municipality of Livorno launched a competition for the selection of 10 social workers (still expiring April 28, 2022).

In UmbriaInstead, two public competitions were organized for the recruitment of:

  • 12 municipal police to the Municipality of Perugia (expiring April 21);
  • 5 administrative assistants at the University for Foreigners of Perugia (expiring April 24).

In Abruzzo calls have been published – at the moment – concerning the health sector: in the Local health authorities of Lanciano, Vasto and Chieti new hires are sought in the role of nurses, health technicians and programmers.

2022 public competitions for graduates: calls from the Southern Regions

We arrive in southern Italy. In Molise a call has been published for the recruitment of new profiles in the public sphere for the Province of Campobasso:

  • 2 spaces for technical-administrative staff at the University of Campobasso;
  • 11 technical profiles and 4 management positions trainer in administrative-accounting management in the province of Campobasso.
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The region Pugliainstead, search for these profiles:

  • 88 different candidates to be included in ARPAL Apulia;
  • 15 technical policy specialists and 88 diverse profiles who will work for the regional administration.

Public competitions for the recruitment of various profiles also in Basilicataexpiring on April 21, 2022: at least 128 personalities are sought.

In Calabria There are several job opportunities:

  • 20 professional profiles toUniversity of Calabria by Rendered;
  • 2 technical monitors at Municipality of Gioia Tauro;
  • 2 nurses, 4 neurotherapists and developmental psychomotor therapists, 6 social workers, 7 psychiatric rehabilitation technicians at theCatanzaro Asp.

In Campaniafinally, the public competition for the recruitment of is still active 40 OSS at ASL Avellino.

Public competitions 2022 in Sicily and Sardinia

The two main islands also offer a number of recruitment opportunities for graduate candidates.

In particular, in Sicily a public competition is active, on titles and exams, to cover 6 places of technical instructor, category Cfull-time and permanent Municipality of Bagheria.

In Sardiniaon the other hand, only the small municipalities have launched calls for tenders for the recruitment of various profiles on the administrative territory.

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