5 destinations to start the adventure

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We talk more and more often about the phenomenon of solo travel; bloggers and influencers have made a fortune on this image: there are people who say it’s therapeutic, others who would never go back and still others who highlight all the advantages of being able to travel to his pace and according to his needs; but What are the benefits? And most importantly, where to start if you’ve never experienced this before?

The advantages of traveling alone

  • Freedom of organization. The program will be decided entirely by you, you can even modify it at the last moment without anyone complaining. You can decide to improvise or plan everything; in short, every decision is yours.
  • Ability to open the mind. We are used to being in company often: friends, life companions, family members; we are almost brought up with the idea that being alone is wrong. In reality it is not if it does us any good. That’s why we invite you to try.
  • A relaxing and stress-free holiday. Traveling with other people means compromises, to avoid tensions and discussions, there are often those who sketch avoiding demanding entertainment that is particularly close to their hearts, and we return from vacation not fully satisfied. With a solo vacation, on the other hand, you can afford to do exactly what you want at your own pace.
  • Appreciate your business. One thing to learn is that you are not traveling alone but with yourself. They are the most important person in our lives, being able to enjoy your company makes people much more empowered, confident and able to become really enjoyable performers in the future.
  • Get out of the comfort zone. It almost feels like shock therapy, but traveling independently makes people tense at first because they’re out of their comfort zone, but then more outgoing, confident and ready for new challenges.
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5 Italian destinations ideal for those who want to start traveling alone

Do you want start traveling alone? First of all, we recommend that you start a day trip without necessarily having to spend the night outside. If you’ve never had experiences like this, just stopping at a restaurant for lunch alone could have an impact; choose one city ​​of art nearby home and where you can create a one day itinerary. An example? Verona; The beautiful city of Shakespeare’s lovers will be the backdrop for the first solo experience.

The second option could be organize a short weekend, even just for a night in an Italian seaside resort where you can enjoy healthy relaxation, perhaps with the presence of a small wellness center. An example? Gabice. Gabicce Mare it has the ability to share between a more maritime soul close to the coast and a more historical soul and linked to close nature Gabicce mountain. By booking a hotel with swimming pool in Gabicce Mare on hotelgabicce.info you can relax enjoying the wonders of the place and trying to undertake even small solo hiking trailsor simply enjoy an excellent cocktail at aperitif time in the wellness area of ​​the structure of your choice.

Those who love history, art and the sea have a definite destination for the New Year: procida. Capital of Culture for 2022, the island has a lot to offer and to tell. With its wonderful colorful villages overlooking the sea, it tells what is the soul of Flegrean Islands. With the soul of the fishing village but a lot of history to tell, it will enchant you.

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the five lands they are a great idea for those who want to travel alone but don’t want to feel really alone; the paths are traveled all year round by many tourists, often foreigners and very easy to talk to each other. So you can chat easily along the way; if you are not too sporty, you can take it instead the 5 Earth Map and visit the villages arriving directly from one to the other simply by using the train. Are you staying a few more days? Near you will find Portovenere, a real gem that also made Byron’s heart beat faster. To travel alone and feel safe without spending too much, you have two choices: you can stay in a B&B in La Spezia near the station, or book a three-star hotel in Moneglia.

The destination Ultima is one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome. Romantic par excellence, historic, open-air museum. One life is not enough to visit everything. Thanks to the high-speed connections, it is perfect to be visited even in a single weekend; stay in a airbnb in the Trastevere district to capture the magic of this neighborhood at night.

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