5 ideas for decorating a balcony or garden

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With a little imagination and with the choice of good furnishings it’s possible transform the space of the balcony or a corner of the garden in a’cozy space where to spend your free time. In addition, functional solutions for storing useful items and work tools can also be placed on the balcony or in the garden.

Those with green fingers, on the other hand, will be able to take advantage of the balcony make a vegetable garden even in town.

These are just some of the 5 ideas we offer to make balconies and gardens not only welcoming and pleasant to live in, but also functional.

Create an outdoor storage room

Brooms, cleaning supplies and tools to care for the green they end up being relegated to the light of day. In this way, the space of the house is not occupied, but the balconies and gardens end up becoming open-air closets, impractical, messy and certainly not beautiful to look at. The solution, however, is very simple: in fact, there are outdoor cabinets, designed specifically for balconies, verandas or gardens, of different sizes and equipped with compartments to better organize the interior space, in order to store all objects in an orderly fashion. . Being solutions designed to be placed outdoors, these pieces of furniture are resistant to water, wind and weather.

Create a vegetable garden on the balcony

Even the balcony smaller can become a space to grow vegetables And vegetables. In this way, a pleasant green space is created and you can use the products of your own garden, although small, for cooking.

If you want create a vegetable garden on the balconyit is therefore necessary to choose plants that grow little and also take into account their needs in terms of light and shade. Indeed, some vegetables need sun to grow lushly, while others can also be placed in environments with little sun exposure.

The right lighting to create summer dinner parties

On a balcony or in a garden corner, you can create a suggestive atmosphere install lights that will illuminate summer dinners. For example, if space is limited, you can use the led strips which do not clutter and do not constitute an obstacle, while in a garden they can be used led light chains Where small lanternsmaybe solar powered for a choice respectful of nature.

Create a green corner on the balcony of the house

In addition to embellishing the balcony with plants, if you want to bring a bit of nature to the city, it’s possible create a small garden. The solution is to use a artificial grass mat as a floor covering. Not only will it be very pleasant to walk barefoot, but it will almost feel like being in the countryside.

The gazebo in the garden for a relaxation area

The belvedere it is a structure that can be installed without authorization and that allows you to create a sheltered space where you can relax, meet up with friends or organize lunches and dinners.

Both gods are available gazebo with iron structuresboth in treated wood: these models, generally larger, are very resistant but are intended to be fixed. If on the contrary you want something more practical to move around if necessary, then you can choose a folding gazebo. The gazebo can be installed both in the garden and on the terrace, this obviously depends on the size of the available space.

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