6 gift ideas to say sorry to a best friend, mom, dad, brother or sister, child

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How to Say Sorry to a Loved One with a Gift

Have you hurt a loved one and want to reconcile? A small gift will always help. But how to choose the right one? Here are a few tips.

There are many opportunities to purchase necessary and desired items – Christmas, New Year, birthdays, holidays and all kinds of themed holidays. So don’t be tempted to buy this stuff for your “I’m sorry” message.

Instead, make a personalized gift yourself.

Depending on your skills, time, and imagination, here are some examples of DIY gifts that will truly open hearts:

1. Multi-layered postcards

Perhaps the easiest to do, and with the most opportunity to personalize and write whatever you have to say. It can be multiple pages if needed, so you can express all your thoughts and apologies in one go. Apply favorite colors, cut out shapes and forms. There are so many ideas out there, we’ll also give 2 of our favorite example videos: DIY Example 1 and DIY Example 2.

DIY postcard

2. Decorate a mug with polymer clay patterns

Describe your message in a positive way, as this gift will be used as a start to the day. Again, many online resources you would need to buy clay, mug and oven – can be easily found. More advanced users can create jewelry or keychains. A good video is How to Bake Polymer Clay for Beginners.

flower painting

3. Draw a table

Depending on your skills and patience, choose a decor or object that will match the recipient of the gift. It can be a simple flower on a white background, a sketch of a healing animal with big desolate eyes, or a landscape if you’re more advanced. Use cheerful colors and aim for a feeling of good humor and joy, so that your loved one will want to look at this gifted painting every day (and therefore will hang it up at home or in the office).

4. Paint a message on a t-shirt

Get some clothing paint and do it yourself or take it to a print shop. The second option usually prints your own image, so you can grab some interesting stuff from the internet or write a meaningful message to print. If it’s a t-shirt (most commonly used), it’s likely to be used for sleeping, so feel free to share your emotions.

5. Make a paper flower or bouquet

(Suitable for women as a gift) It’s quite simple, actually, so don’t hesitate to try it. Paper bouquets can last a long time, and if you put your heart into it, your masterpiece will surely be on display on the dining room table or desk. Here is how they are made: DIY Paper Flower Example 1 and DIY Paper Flower Example 2.

paper flower


6. Handmade patchwork

If you can sew and have the equipment, unleash the creative beast and design a patchwork blanket, pillow, or laptop dust bag. Small parts can also be sewn by hand. Just find small pieces of unnecessary fabrics, design a simple quilt (we advise you to draw it on paper first) and sew them together with the needle.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you with those excuses. Feel free to explore the net or your mind for more personalized designs.

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