Among the many benefits of company pension plans, purchase vouchers are the most popular: here’s why

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Corporate well-being was a term, until a few years ago, completely unknown in the Italian business world. Then, over time, it began to become part of the common language in the field of workers’ rights.

The well-being of the company corresponds to the well-being of its employees, both at work and in private life, which must be pursued by granting them benefits of various kinds.

Especially during and after the pandemic, certain services have been increased, aimed at meeting the individual needs of employees.

For example, services in existing health care areas were improved or new ones were created.

Other companies have extended the insurance cover and offered remote health servicessuch as medical or psychological checks, which are even more in demand after the harsh period of the pandemic and the associated confinements.

Much has been done to reconcile the private and professional lives of employees, who, thanks to the smart work they can better manage the time available and distribute it fairly between work and family.

The benefits available to employees, who can access bonuses, salary increases, meal vouchers and shopping vouchers, have increased considerably.

Just me good shopping they are among the most popular benefits, as they offer a series of tangible benefits to end users.

It is basically vouchers Where Gift Certificates that employees can spend as they see fit, taking into account their specific needs.

For example, those who have to travel many kilometers by car to get to their place of work, can opt for the fuel coupons.

Others, on the other hand, can spend it shopping at the supermarket, without affecting the family budget.

And yet, vouchers can easily be spent in online e-commerce.

Thousands of physical and digital stores have an agreement with these forms of corporate wellness, so the offer for end users is really very wide.

The flexibility is one of the most appreciated characteristics of good purchases, since they adapt to the needs of each employee.

A person with a dependent family will have different needs than a single person, so everyone can buy what they want.

The amount of the purchase vouchers is also tax-exempt and does not contribute to the formation of income. This means that the employee’s salary is not affected in the least, as his purchasing power increases.

Even companies can smile, since vouchers are deductible as professional expenses at 100% up to 258.23 USD per year and per person.

Adopting social policies in companies means contributing to the well-being of employees, at work and outside, who are thus more productive and loyal to the company.

Recent studies have shown that the rate of turnover and absenteeism has fallen significantly in companies that practice social protection policies, which among other things attract the best talents in the sector, with an excellent image return in terms of Brand reputation.

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