an exclusive experience in the concept stores of Leonardo Carpinteri

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MODES doesn’t need big introductions: the luxury multi-brand designed by Leonardo Carpinteri it is now depopulated and its success continues to grow, not only within national borders but also abroad. After Saint Moritz in fact, Leonardo Carpinteri managed to open an exclusive store also in the French capital and with Parisian point of sale MODES proves that it has what it takes to be competitive on an international scale.

But what makes this luxury multi-brand from Leonardo Carpinteri so unique and special? Simple: the exclusive experience it offers customers, who on entering a MODES store not only find a very sharp selection of haute couture items but can immerse themselves in an atmosphere made up of suggestions, modernity and ‘innovation.

MODES: much more than the classic boutique

After the rebranding which transformed the historic Stefania Mode boutique into MODES, Leonard Carpinteri had the opportunity to best express their concept store ideal. When entering MODES stores, one immediately grasps the air of novelty that permeates them, precisely because they have nothing to do with the classic boutique. The first distinguishing feature is in fact the selection of clothes, which is carried out with almost maniacal care and attention by Leonardo Carpinteri in person. Each accessory, each dress that is offered by MODES is chosen according to the real style needs expressed by the customers, in order to be able to satisfy them in all respects.

Leonard Carpinteri not only offers the collections of the most famous haute couture brands, but goes further, including in the MODES catalog also the creations by emerging designers, which often do not find a place to promote their capsules but which deserve to be highlighted. It is for this reason that MODES is also very popular with young people: because it is also able to offer them exclusive clothing and accessories, open to modernity and the future.

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Leonardo Carpinteri focuses on an exclusive space

With MODES, Leonard Carpinteri chose to focus on exclusive spaces, which stand out from classic shops and could offer the customer a completely different experience. When entering a MODES store, you can see this from the first moment: the environment is studied in detail, the architecture itself is designed by avant-garde studios and you find yourself catapulted into a world of inspirations, suggestions, art. Nothing is left to chance, precisely because Leonardo Carpinteri wanted to go beyond the concept of the traditional store and offer a unique and unprecedented experience to customers.

Installations and events: MODES as living space

Leonard Carpinteri however, he didn’t stop there and wanted to make MODES stores a reality dynamic spaces, which cannot be reduced to the classic shop where one enters, buys and leaves. By entering one of the MODES concept stores, it is possible to come across eclectic installation, discover new capsule collections of emerging artists, experience the space at 360° and find inspiration for your look by going beyond the standardized canons. Many events are also organized in the main stores such as the one in Milan or Paris, precisely to bring this brand to life and distinguish itself.

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