Antony Morato grows on all channels

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A leap forward for Antoine Moratwhich for its balance sheet covering the first quarter of 2022, gained a good sign more than the same period in reference to 2022. The figures speak for themselves: 19.2 million (2021), compared to 23.6 million current euros (2022) .

Label, retail, wholesale and e-commerce are the channels that have led to this success. And retail is at the origin of 46% of this success, a sign that the idea of ​​shopping in an increasingly experiential presence is bearing fruit, always keeping in mind the watchword: sustainability.

The wholesale trade sees a +17% will demonstrate all its importance in a totally new market, which is that of the post-pandemic.

Another +29% concerns the e-commerce sector, with the objective of always making the best use of technology to increase customer satisfaction.

So much meat in the fire, including the restyling of the current headquarters in Campania, the work of which will be completed in the spring of next year.

Among the events scheduled for 2022 the participation in Pitti Uomo and Bimbo And Upscale Berlin.

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