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Fashion is synonymous with innovation, but lately it’s been giving a nod to nostalgia. From fashion shows to capsule collections, it’s a continuous journey through time sneakers women become protagonists, now fashionable in a vintage touch. The old school lace-up shoes conquer everyone, especially celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Chiara Ferragni, who have made this accessory a distinctive sign of your wardrobe.

As the sneakers are cleared since fashion systemI’m the must have par excellence of the spring season and beyond. A comfortable accessorypragmatic and casual fashion symbol. The most popular models of the moment are inspired by the universe of basketball and they have one wide range of colors which has already won over influencers from home and abroad. These sneakers are all over Instagram and TikTok and are a real master key.

When trends come from below, fashion houses can only appreciate them, study them and re-offer them in a luxury key. There are those who have opted for exclusive collaborations, those who have focused on adapting trends to their creations, those who offer classic sneakers inspired by those of the 70s, with a vintage logo and a worn look. Other brands choose comfort by making women’s mesh and suede sneakers in ivory, black and beige. There are also those who ride the wave of retro minimalism, with perforated leather laces and Velcro closure. Definitely old school.

Celebrities do not come our way only at the time of purchase, but especially once our vintage sneakers are in our closet. Their looks, guilty of unexpected purchases and unbridled shopping, confirm that these shoes are the must-haves for spring summer 2022. How to combine them? Have fun and adapt them to your liking. With jeans and trench coats, for long working days. Or with a matching white shirt, for a formal and casual result at the same time.

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