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Beauty is an international language and foreign beauty products are no exception. In fact, the industry has become so global that you can now find beauty brands from all over the world.

There are so many new and emerging beauty brands that are sure to impact the industry. Here are some of the hottest new overseas beauty companies you should watch over the coming year.

The beauty and skincare industry is still growing rapidly, keen to find effective solutions to satisfy customers’ desire for products that are effective, safe and offer the best value for money.

Particular attention should be paid to beauty products from abroad, many brands are absolutely reliable and meet all safety and quality standards, while others, especially those that are really too cheap by compared to the average of similar products on the market, may even present risks of considerable magnitude.

Foreign products at low prices

This is absolutely not to say that products from abroad are all the same and, worse, they are all of poor quality. Think for example of the countries that represent true excellence in the field of beauty and makeup such as Korea.

Korean products, which in recent years have enjoyed considerable success around the world, have several brands that offer new technologies, a lot of research and exciting solutions.

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Instead, we want to focus on products from semi-unknown brands of which it is not possible to find on the net information about the manufacturer, the company philosophy and the ingredients used as well as their quality and their price so low that they arouse suspicion. .

How to recognize the quality of a product

In fact, many products are reviewed by beauty blogs that group the indications and characteristics to allow us a selection before their actual purchase, in this case we recommend to learn more about the products and their characteristics.

As recommended on the blog, but we will be happy to summarize it for you, to be sure of buying a quality product it is very important that the quality and safety certifications are clearly visible on the product. fundamental since many products remain in contact with our skin for hours.

It is essential to stop and read the INCI, or the list of ingredients contained, these are listed on the label in descending order of quantity, in order to know what is used on the skin.

Always check the PAO which indicates the expiry date, if it is too long it is good to be wary, it is better to orient yourself on 95% natural cosmetics, with few preservatives and chemical products.

Also beware of counterfeit products, being illegal they not only do not comply with the law, but may contain prohibited substances, may be contaminated with bacteria or fungi, but also heavy metals which can trigger dangerous allergies, dermatitis And much more.

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Why it is important to choose the right cosmetics

Domestic and foreign cosmetics with certifications that certify the quality of raw materials and the safety of cosmetics from various points of view for the protection of health, often contain natural or synthetic ingredients, always free of potentially dangerous substances and with the effectiveness proven by laboratory test.

Sometimes you don’t think about the importance of using only quality products in your skincare and makeup. In fact, creams, makeup, serums, etc., if made with poor or even harmful ingredients, can also lead to serious consequences such as allergies. , skin outbreaks and other problems, besides being absolutely ineffective and therefore a waste of money.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself having to buy a new product, ultimately spending more than a good quality purchase would have cost in the beginning.

Substances to avoid in cosmetics

Let’s see, in a nutshell, what are the ingredients to pay attention to when reading the INCI of a product, since they could be harmful to our skin.

Among these we find the formaldehydea petroleum-derived substance that is potentially carcinogenic to humans, parabens used as preservatives to extend the expiry date and prevent the formation of bacteria or fungi, have the property of penetrating the skin, accumulating in the tissues and penetrating into circulation through the blood for a long time, interfering with the endocrine glands, especially estrogen.

It is also better to avoid silicones, chemical compounds which make the texture of products softer and silkier, but which create a patina on the skin which prevents it from perspiring, oxygenating and absorbing moisturizing and nourishing substances.

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Heavy metals can also strongly affect our health and the government itself has issued some indications in this regard which you can find on this link.

At present, most of the products you find on the market are made without these substances, because over the years we have come across a conscious market that has decided to prioritize the quality of the products rather than the price drop.

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