Best young current account 2022: how to choose

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Deposit accounts in Italy

In our society, young people are increasingly open to new experiences, even abroad. This encourages them to open their own Bank account for the young people and to deposit theirs there savings.

to be able to count on best young current account in 2022 it’s an advantage when you start to approach the world of Work and is meant to be set aside money for your future.

How to choose the best current account for young people in 2022? Here are some tips and offers not to be missed for the month of April 2022.

Young current account 2022: how to choose

The first thing to consider when opening a youth current account in 2022whether online or in a branch with physical headquarters, is the costs to incur to maintain the account.

Indeed, there are optimal solutions for all young people who are preparing to open a current account in 2022: there are, for example, offers that allow open a free current accountor some kind of to pay to keep your savings safe without the “danger” of charging rates or interest.

What is the best current account for young people in 2022 and what are the benefits of a deposit account? Let’s try to focus on April offers dedicated to young people in search of their economic independence.

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What is the best young current account 2022?

The offers that we propose to you below are intended exclusively for the opening of a current account for young people in 2022, envisaging a average balance of €3,000.

The April offers are as follows:

  • Countercurrent IBL;
  • BBVA current account;
  • Orange ING current account;
  • Smart Widiba current account;
  • Banca Profilo’s Tinaba account.

Countercurrent IBL

This first type of free current account Offered by IBL allows you to deposit your money while enjoying a fully operational rate of 0.30%and corresponding to a net income of 6.66 euros.

One is paid to the beneficiary when the account is opened debit card, as well as the possibility of making contactless payments. The costs associated with transfers, cards, fees are zero.

The solutions offered by the IBL current account for young people are:

  • Simpleat the price of 1 euro per month, resettable;
  • Particularat the price of 3 euros per month, which can be reduced to 1 euro;
  • Originalat the price of 5 euros per month, which can be reduced to 2 euros;
  • Extraordinaryat the price of 7 euros per month which can be reduced to 3 euros.

Fee reduction is applied for deposits over 5,000 Euros, or with salary and/or pension credit.

BBVA current account

the current account for young people who offers BBVA it’s special: in addition to guaranteeing zero feesalso allows you to join an initiative of Big Cash Back.

Thanks to this refund, up to 50 euros of the 500 euros welcome can be recovered, and up to 30 euros on the first 250 euros spent (with 1% cashback).

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The services offered are as numerous: for use as Pay and plana service Advance salaryfriendship award.

Orange ING current account

Orange current account offers young people the opportunity to enjoy a Fully operational rate 0.00% e gross zero fees. All procedures are carried out exclusively online.

The advantage is that there are no costs for stamp duties, bank transfers, fees and a Mastercard.

Smart Widiba current account

The free current account is also the one offered by Widiba Bankwho shows up at 100% digital and paperless. It can be enabled with SPID and the package also includes PEC and digital signature.

For the first year from the opening of the account, transfers, withdrawals and fees do not incur any fees, while from the second year they cost 20 euros (which can be reduced).

Banca Profilo Tinaba account

Finally, the current account for young people offered by Tinaba di Banca Profilo is always a free of charge and can be managed directly via the appropriate app.

The opening and the management are completely free, as well as I fixed and variable costs I am equal to zero. A Mastercard is also included with the possibility of free withdrawals and transfers in Italy.

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