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New automotive incentives 2022 in the beginning from May 16: via the platform MISE Eco Bonuses you can get them bonus up to €5,000 without ISEE. How do they work?

Car Rewards allow you to save on the purchase of electric vehiclesbut also fed petrol, diesel, LPG, provided they have low CO2 emissions. Each emission class allows you to obtain a bonus, with or without scrapping of a previous vehicle.

What are car incentives 2022 and what changes compared to previous scrapping bonuses 2021? Here is all you need to know to reserve the bonus of up to 5,000 euros for the purchase of a new vehicle.

Car incentives 2022 at the start: how does it work?

The government has allocated 650 million euros throughout 2022 (and for the next three years) to incentivize the purchase of electric, hybrid, rechargeable carsor for the purchase of low emission vehiclesin order to protect the environment and to pursue the European objective of zero CO2 emissions by 2030.

the motorcycle bonus up to 4,000 euros and incentives for the purchase of commercial vehicles up to 14,000 euros.

Are provided three different emission bandseach of which corresponds to a primewith or without disposal, and a maximum price vehicle purchase:

  • from 0 to 20 g/km – price up to 35 thousand euros + VAT;
  • from 21 to 60 g/km – price up to 45 thousand euros + VAT;
  • from 61-135g/km – price up to 35 thousand euros + VAT.
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The discount starts from a at least 2,000 euros for vehicles with endothermic motorcycles – with mandatory disposal – and can happen up to €5,000 for the purchase of end-of-life electric cars.

Car incentives 2022: bonuses of up to €5,000 for everyone

In the first emission band, from 0 to 20 grams per kilometerall the nearly all-electric cars. The incentive to purchase these types of vehicles begins as soon as €3,000and can reach i €5,000 if the scrapping of a previous vehicle of a class lower than Euro 5.

The available resources amount to 220 million euros.

As for the second group, 21 to 60 grams per kilometerare provided hybrid, plug-in, mild and full hybrid cars. The contribution is due to the extent of €2,000or until €4,000 with the scrapping of a previous vehicle.

The available resources amount to 170 million euros.

Finally, in the last strip, 61 to 135 grams per kilometerall the car with internal combustion engine and low emissions. The incentive in this case is unique: €2,000 for everyone only with disposal of a previous vehicle.

Also in this case, the resources available are equal to EUR 170 million.

Car incentives 2022: who are they entitled to? Requirements

All citizens who intend to buy a new vehicle, with or without scrapping, can request automotive incentives 2022 directly to concession where they planned the purchase.

Among the beneficiaries, there are both physical personsthe two legalincluding car sharing company (at least).

No details are needed terms to get a bonuses up to €5,000: it is a bonus with no income limit. They do not exist ISEE limitsand not even financial constraints.

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The only condition to get the maximum discount is scrapping of a previous vehicle.

Car incentives 2022 from May 16: how to book them

To reserve the 2022 Automotive Incentives, simply drop by one concessionchoose the vehicle to buy and request the application of the discounts.

It will be up to the dealer himself to register on the MISE Ecobonus Platform – active from May 16, 2022 – for book car incentives relating to the reference class of emission.

the reduction applies directly on the list priceand is then recovered by dealers via state reimbursement.

Given the large number of beneficiaries, it is expected that rush to book: a click day and the funds could run out in a few weeks. Better take advantage of it now!

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