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May has begun and with it the warm season and the desire to travel and have fun, abroad but also in our dear country, are making their way. Admittedly, the weather promises us a few more stormy and rainy days over a large part of the peninsula, but that does not prevent us from starting to think about vacations and above all to plan them to be sure to grab the best deals.

For those who can take a vacation in low season, early June is ideal for visiting the greatest cities of art and culture, for example, in Italy, such as Rome, Florence and Naples, while in Venice, Turin and Milan are granted. a few more weeks of mild weather.

What industry experts say

Travel blogs are already speaking out on which are the hottest destinations for this year, based on statistics that will then likely be turned upside down by the vacation destinations of celebrities and influencers who have dramatically changed all trends in recent times. years, sometimes helping cultural tourism. ; as in the case of the Uffizi in Florence, with the campaign that made so much talk about the influencer Chiara Ferragni, sometimes creating overcrowding and encouraging forms of escape tourism: this is the case of a city like Venice, traveled by thousands of visitors every day who often disfigure places of worship.

In the rediscovery of our country, in fact, we must encourage a change that has already been seen elsewhere and which is widely discussed by marketing and sociological-organizational studies, that of slow tourism or slow tourism. Our cities and especially our villages are particularly suited to this model because it offers a type of holiday linked to the overall tourist experience; not only staying and visiting a place, but contributing to its development, tasting food and wine specialties, talking with locals, exchanging knowledge and traditions in a coexisting relationship of respect and curiosity for each other. In this way, it is possible to preserve the habits and customs that would otherwise be forgotten and which represent a great cultural wealth, but also, in our case, culinary and artistic.

And who wants anything else?

Obviously, this type of tourism does not suit all expectations; if you are looking for shopping or nightlife, it is better to go to the seaside resorts which offer many clubs and concerts, such as Rimini, Forte dei Marmi, Gallipoli, etc. If you are passionate about Italian gambling or live casino, make sure that the chosen destination allows you to connect to the net and relax without having to constantly search for the land.

Reading, walks, good food and relaxation await you all over the peninsula, even in small and remote places you never knew existed until your favorite actor vacationed there.

Book in advance to be able to take advantage of exclusive discounts and consult the routes offered by the airlines and the main transport services (trains, flixbus, etc.); in addition to significant savings, you will also discover new dream places often affiliated, for a summer to discover.

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