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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon announced the new date of Prime Days 2022: the possibilities of savings for all online shopping enthusiasts are even richer.

According to what was announced by the most famous website in the field of online e-commerce, the Amazon Prime Day will be July 12 and 13, 2022.

But what are we talking about? Let’s try to understand what are Amazon Prime Dayshow they work and what reductions can be obtained to do your shopping.

Amazon Prime Day 2022, will be from July 12 to 13: what you need to know

The Amazon Prime Day they are savings days for all e-commerce customers who are looking for discounts and advantages on the goods they intend to buy.

A sort of Black Friday or Cyber ​​​​Monday, an initiative similar to the 2022 summer sales, but exclusively dedicated to Amazon.

In a period when I price increases are the order of the day (just think of rising gas prices, heavy bills to pay and rising food prices), the search for savings it’s becoming more and more important.

In this sense, online shopping is an excellent opportunity to save: July 12 and 13 The Amazon Prime Days are coming, two days entirely dedicated to offers and discounts on the e-commerce site most popular around the world.

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Amazon Prime Day: what is it?

The first Amazon Prime Day event took place at 2015on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the e-commerce site created by Jeff Bezos. For the following years, the platform has always confirmed the event, dedicated to the most affiliated customers of the site.

In fact, Amazon Prime Days are gods savings days into which they are thrown offers and advantages essential on some of the products sold on the platform.

It is estimated, for example, that in 2020 Thanks to Prime Days, customers were able to to save money about $1.4 billionwhich correspond to approximately 1.34 billion euros.

Also for this year, on July 12 and 13, 2022, there is the possibility of participating in Amazon Prime Day: how to do it?

Amazon Prime Day 2022: how to participate

For participate in Amazon Prime Days 2022 it is necessary to subscribe to the dedicated service.

The largest e-commerce platform in the world indeed offers the possibility of subscribe to an annual subscription to Amazon Prime to obtain a series of advantages ranging from discounts and offers to faster parcel delivery.

The Cost of the Amazon Prime subscription is €3.99 per monthWhere 36 euros per year. The website also offers the possibility of activate the service for free for a month: the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Prime Days.

In addition to unlimited shipments and numerous offers reserved for loyal customers, Amazon Prime offers the possibility of accessing additional services such as Amazon Prime Video to see many movies, TV series, documentaries also in streaming.

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There is then the possibility of having Amazon Pics to store your snapshots in the cloud, or Amazon Music to access a vast catalog of music of all kinds.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: what to buy

On the occasion of the Prime Days you will be able to discover and exploit many offers on different types of purchases: fromClothes to Technologyfrom body care products to accessories for sports, to products for your car.

But what can you buy and what is the convenience of the offers?

To understand what were the actual discounts applied to the products of interest to us, it is useful to start with save items that you intend to keep under control and note the relative prices Except.

Once the Amazon Prime Days arrive, you can compare discounts at previous prices e assess convenience or not of the purchase.

Alternately, Amazon devotes an entire section to all products on promotion or discount on the occasion of Prime Days: you can search there for the items you intend to buy.

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