Esotericism and religions are closer than you think

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Since the dawn of time, human beings have tried to explain the reasons for the phenomena that surround them. We tried to make sense of rain and sun just as we have sought, almost in vain, the continuation of life after death.

Esotericism in human history

The human being has never ceased look for answers and for much of the world’s history it has also done so by relying on answers that go beyond reason and rationality. For many centuries, science and faith have overlapped trying to impose themselves while in the middle, a universal knowledge that feeds on both has made its way: esotericism.

Nowadays knowledge from esotericism they are studied from multiple approaches and, above all, there are many professional esoteric operators active all over the world.

Why is it so similar to religion?

Trying to give a clear definition to esotericism is not easy, especially if we limit ourselves to identifying it as a simple human phenomenon. What emerges from our analysis is that esotericism can be defined as the set of spiritual doctrines whose knowledge cannot be revealed to humanity.

Thus defined, esotericism is very close to the characterization of religions since they all embrace an esoteric component, that is to say a body of knowledge intended only for a few followers.

This is why, for so many theorists and scholars, esotericism and religion are closer than one might think, but only on a formal level. It is not surprising that religion and esotericism are united failure to provide scientific evidence since both are based on the concept of faith.

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In fact, we can no more prove the presence of a higher god with empirical evidence than we can. touch the effectiveness of a magic ritual or a spell. What is not visible to the naked eye, what cannot be analysed, studied and explained is therefore esoteric.

Magic and esotericism: what links?

It would be an understatement to define it as something to do with cinematic magic, the one for which wave a wand and pronouncing a formula gives rise to a magical transformation. The same goes for potions and for everything that is taken up in literature, art and cinema with a fascinating and romantic component but always at the limit of reality.

Nevertheless, esotericism is a wealth of knowledge carried and transmitted by adepts whose inner sensitivity has made them individuals capable of mastering them. Esotericism embraces the conventional distinctions of white, black and red magick with the aim of helping people through a series of rituals with the most varied ends.

There are those who seek bond of love to get closer to the loved one and who, on the other hand, has a more altruistic goal for which he wishes to resort to rituals of white magic.

With regard to black magic, however, it should be noted that it resorts to the worship of demonic beings and aims to control events with rather unpleasant consequences which range from of a larval infestation to malignant possession.

Also in this case we are faced with an assonance with religions that divide the worldview between good and evil, attributing to the latter terrible realms where terror, pain and violence they are represented in many forms united by horror.

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