everything you need to know to open a food truck

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The secret of the success of any project lies in the ability of the entrepreneur to comply with the requirements of the market in which he wishes to enter, to which he will certainly add a strong personal imprint, his professionalism and the essential quality of the product offered.

If you too want to succeed, all you have to do is choose the slice of the market in which you think you can best express your creativity. If your passion was to cook great food to serve to many customers, then you must open a food truck.

For clarity, we specify that open a food truck it’s loving street food by choosing a mobile installation where you will be the only one to reach your customers, positioning yourself in the area that seems most appropriate for your business.

Apparently, in this sector there seemed to be nothing more to say or add, but since many of the clich├ęs that had characterized it for years have fallen, new spaces and interpretations have been created.

There are no longer just starred chefs or luxury venues, but also street venues with a taste of goodness, which can ensure steady income and job satisfaction. This new way of tickling the palate of the street consumer already has prestigious testimonials throughout the national territory, which have crowned street food as the new frontier of catering.

Food truck: food makes its way

THE food truck they are nothing more than modern restaurants on wheels. This new type of street food brings together loyal street food users who, although belonging to different categories, share a passion for good food. The food trucks seem to have abandoned the classic restaurant concept, managing to offer you rich gourmet dishes prepared while crisscrossing the city.

Food trucks are kitchen stations managed by real chefs, who offer a healthy, innovative and eco-responsible gastronomic offer, which respects the environment and avoids waste. A kitchen on 4 wheels is also suitable for moving and allows positioning at strategic points in the city, thus also participating in festivals and fairs, thus guaranteeing regular and certain income.

Therefore, buying a food truck represents an important employment opportunity, with which you can build your success.

How much does it cost to buy a food truck

As soon as you make up your mind to buy a food truck, you will realize that the sector market offers you many valid and above all customizable choices. Your kitchen will be immediately recognizable, making you a point of reference for those who appreciate your dishes.

The food truck models that you will find among the proposals in the sector are modern, with designer fittings, designed with taste and attention to detail and the choice you make will also allow you to express your aesthetic taste, choosing the graphics and a design that best represents you. The cost of a good food truck varies from 25,000 to 80,000 euros but depends on several factors such as:

  • Mark;
  • equipment;
  • fittings.
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One of large companies which deals with special vehicles is the street food businessaccessible from their official website: https://www.streetfoodbusiness.com, which produces very interesting models as you can see on some images taken from their website.

street food van

Forage truck

Opening a street food: expected steps

What to do to open a street food? For open a food truck you must have specific moral and legal requirements essential to opening such a business and these are:

  • age of majority;
  • absence of convictions and bankruptcies, etc. ;
  • opening of the VAT number;
  • registration in the business register;
  • communication of the business creation to the municipality;
  • obtaining SAB certificates, in the absence of equivalent qualification, and HACCP;
  • permit to affix a sign;
  • compliance of premises, laboratory, van, kiosk or food truck in terms of hygiene, safety, user-friendliness, destination, town planning, etc. ;
  • standardization of all systems (electrical, water, gas, smoke evacuation and extraction system with standard flue);
  • obtain a license from the Customs Agency for the sale and administration of alcohol, if required;
  • ask the Municipality for a type A or type B walking permit.

Managing a food truck: licenses and costs

What license do you need for street food and how much does it cost? The whole bureaucratic procedure, including a type A or type B walking permit, requires an investment of around 1000 euros which also includes the SAB (formerly REC) course.

Opening this type of business will require an overall investment ranging from 20,000 to more than 80,000 euros, depending on your choices, depending on the location, format and menu.

You can also open your street food franchise and, in this case, your investment goes from a minimum of 10,000/20,000 euros, for the simplest formats, up to more than 50,000 euros for the more complex formats. , which include more complex services in the case of more famous brands.

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Food truck: how much do you earn?

How much can you earn with a food truck? Obviously, even for this activity, the possible earnings can change depending on many variables such as: location, occasion or event, presence of customers and more, seasonality. Making an assessment based on average standards, let’s say that the receipts can vary from 400 or 700 euros in ordinary days, up to even 4000 euros per day, in the case of important events or fairs.

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