Fido’s wellness starts with quality kibble

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To ensure a long life for Fido, it is important to focus on a healthy and balanced diet which must be administered taking into account certain important factors, such as: the age of the animal, the breed and the size.

A balanced diet is based on dry foodadministered by croquettes. Kibbles are a convenient dry food, recommended by veterinarians because they contain all the essential ingredients that feed Fido properly.

This dry food comes to the rescue when a balanced homemade diet of fresh food cannot be guaranteed, or if you don’t have time to cook for your dog daily. Focusing on kibble means fully satisfying Fido’s needs because it contains the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, when a home diet is not perfectly balanced, kibble is useful. All dog owners looking quality pet food can choose Amusi kibbles, the best dry food, produced with natural ingredients 100% made in Italy.

Feeding Fido with excellent quality kibble means guaranteeing excellent nutrition without ever penalizing the taste. Amusi offers different recipes, with or without cereals, formulated to meet the specific needs of the animal, with a well-defined amount of protein, making your dog’s menu perfectly varied.

The Fun kibbles they are highly digestible and also support Fido’s oral hygiene. Indeed, the chewing of dogs determines a mechanical action on the teeth of the dog and helps to fight tartar, therefore to have healthier teeth and gums.

The croquettes contain high quality meat or fish as the first ingredient, there are no cereals, or at least a minimum amount of noble cereals, such as brown rice. These are monoprotein products, which do not strain Fido’s digestive system.

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The Fun Recipes are different and you can choose between lamb, chicken, pork and herring flavored croquettes. Unlike cats, dogs are not exclusively carnivores so, even if animal proteins are certainly essential, vegetables and vegetables must also be present in their diet.

And here the croquettes of the well-known brand are also enriched with pumpkin, potatoes, chicory, peas, so many foods that contribute to following a healthy and balanced diet. Each recipe is scientifically studied by nutritionists and veterinarians to offer each owner a tailor-made product that guarantees Fido’s well-being.

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