Guru, the daisy brand, returns to bloom and lands in the Riganati house

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who does not remember Guruthe brand of clothing for young people created by Matteo Cambi in Parma in 1999. Its logo is the unforgettable stylized daisy with six petals with very marked black contours.

In the years 2000 there was a real smash: the T-shirt with the daisy had conquered everyone, from footballers to television showgirls, from DJs of the most famous Italian nightclubs to cover characters. It was a simple and immediate graphics that managed to become an icon of those years. In no time, the logo became a famous fashion brand, resulting in the sale of 200,000 t-shirts in 2001 alone.

Over the years a lot has changed and in 2018 someone again feels the potential of this brand. AND Gianluca SessaregoCEO of Ghep, a company specializing in the production and marketing of international brand clothing and shoes.

After passing his master’s degree in 2020, he bought the Guru brand this year with the aim of flip the daisy over everyone’s breasts.

The iconic daisy, registered with a worldwide patent with the brand name, is a versatile and iconic symbol remembered by many, even in a playful and sunny way, as the protagonist of Italian summers and international successes such as the past sponsorship in Formula 1 alongside Flavio Briatore.

Six petals, six qualities, color, positivity, versatility, iconicity, love and durability, which return to make Guru thrive among great lifestyle brand under the leadership of the Monegasque entrepreneur, determined to awaken the nostalgic memories of collective memory and to give it a new contemporary path, even among the youngest, through social networks, the web, events created ad hoc to make parties or for music, motors and sports, and to debut in 2023 at shows such as Pitti in Florence and Paris, with a total look of clothing and expanded accessories.

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Basic street style pieces and other more classic onesproduced in Italy And sustainable in the choice of natural raw materials (such as 100% cotton), they suppose competitive achievements to the whole Ghep team which aims to develop not only in Italy, Spain, France and throughout Europe, but also in China and America.

At full capacity, the First linein various solutions, includes eight product launches per year (four per season) in addition to limited editions and special collaborations, with each release inspired by themes related to style, current events and seasonal use functions.
Basic Guru instead, there will be no shortage of casual wear such as t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts suitable for various daily occasions, signed with a different logo, consisting of a half-daisy.

The relaunch of Guru has as its first ambassador the entrepreneur Gianluca Sessarego, the first empowered to put his face to it and to present three projects that see the brand protagonist in targeted sponsorships: Rossa Music Festival in Prato Nevoso Ski, Fanatec GT World Challenge Tour And ChezzGerdi Restaurant in Formentera.

It starts with music, a stage at 2000 meters above sea level located on the slopes of Prato Nevoso (Cn) and the event Rossa Music Festivalwhere internationally renowned DJs such as Tommy Vee, Bob Sinclar and Gabry Ponte paired their performances with multicolored daisies.

Then the engines are back, with Fanatec GT World Challenge Tourthe Gran Turismo championship associated with leading brands in the automotive segment – MacLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, for example – and legendary drivers such as Valentino Rossi making his debut on four wheels in Sprint and Endurance races with the Audi #46.
GURU alongside Lamborghini in customizing the car will run from May to September 2022 for the Sprint CUP.

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To open the summer season, begin the Restaurant ChezzGerdi de Formentera where there will be a corner shop with limited edition Guru clothing designed for the Spanish venue and also worn as uniform by staff.

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