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Sport with horses

Sports disciplines based on the activity of animals they are different and require particularly intense and complex training. Indeed, it is necessary to take care of the physical characteristics of the animal in the best possible way and to understand how it can work best to obtain the desired results.

Change of method

Fortunately, also thanks to the greater sensitivity to certain problems, the training method of animals used in sport is completely different than it was years ago. Just think about the fact that the old method based on deprivation and physical violence is no longer used, thankfully. In the past, it was common to use, for example, electric dog collars or choke collars; for horses, however, spurs and whips were common tools.

The absurd idea that a better result could be obtained by using violence has fortunately faded away. Today the method of positive reinforcement, that is to say a method based on maintaining a low level of stress for the animal and establishing a relationship of trust with it. In addition, as we will see later, there are particularly strict and severe laws in Italy aimed at protecting the health of these animals.

Sports with animals: among the most popular

Even today, sports that use animals are still particularly popular. Let’s think for example horse racing or dog racing. In any case, these are sports which, officially, are regulated by laws which tend to protect the animal and the violation of which entails significant penalties. Regardless of that, it’s unusual to consider how this type of sport is still highly regarded by industry fans and not: just think about the fact that it’s even possible to play online, perhaps after asking which one is the best horse betting site to place bets.

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What the law says

As mentioned, the law protects animals that are used in sports disciplines, this to preserve their well-being and their mental and physical health. One of the last legislative interventions dates back to November 25, 2020, a regulatory intervention that introduced 5 reform decrees.

There are different types of sporting events with animals, some use animals for a minor role, some for the main role. In most of these sports, selective training is essential. On the other hand, the involvement of animals in sporting activities is very old: just think of the sad use of animals that took place under the Roman Empire, with often murderous spectacles. At that time, however, chariot racing was also very popular.

One of the most important bills dates back to 2009. Here, the Civil Code was modified with regard to the legal status of animals: with the legal protection of animals, it was established that they were sentient beings and that a legal regime of property should not be applied only to the extent compatible with their nature and with the provisions intended for their protection. Recently, the Senate also approved a sports bill, in relation to animals.

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