How many days does it take to visit Lisbon

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Visit Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful European cities which you can visit. Capital of Portugalit is a hilly and fascinating territory, perhaps because it recalls ancient Rome: the two share a peculiarity, because they were built on seven hills. To date, it is one of the destinations where many prefer to organize vacations, but how many days does it take to visit lisbon? How long to stay in town? Net of our needs, which must be taken into consideration, let’s see how to structure the trip according to the days: one, two, three or four, so as to follow a precise itinerary.

How many days do you need to visit Lisbon?

In our opinion, to visit Lisbon you need at least three days, we would even dare to say four, especially if you like to visit the attractions at your leisure and stroll through the historic city center.

What can you do if you have a day?

You have decided to go to Lisbon for vacation? A perfect choice, because this destination has so much to offer. Of climatewhich is a lot temperate (the rainy season in Lisbon focuses on the months of November And February), is an incredibly evocative city, where one can move around with great ease.

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However, if you only have one day to visit Lisbon, you can still group together some of the best attractions and things to do. Who? In twenty-four hours, by concentrating, one can do it; Here are our tips on this:

  • the Lisbon tram 28;
  • the Belém Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery;
  • I eat Pasteis De Nata.

Another tip that we definitely suggest is to do the Lisbon map. This way you can visit the city for 24 hours without paying extra. It activates automatically the first time you use it, so you won’t spend money on additional expenses: it’s ideal for short journeys.

Among other things, the card, which can be easily purchased on the website, is super convenient, as it allows you to access more than 30 attractions in the Portuguese capital. Whether you’re staying a day or longer, it’s worth considering. A small price for a big pleasure.

What can we do in two days?

Depending on your commitments, you can structure your holidays with more freedom, without being constrained by “counted hours”. If you want to visit the city of Lisbon in 2 days, here is an idea of ​​the route you could take.

Day 1

A die Lisbon neighborhoods that we think we recommend the most is Alfama. This area is located just below the castle, and is very characteristic and suggestive. From designed checks to classic clothes hanging to dry, it’s a riot of color and ‘real soul’.

Of course, you must also visit the St. George’s Castle, where you can admire the walls. And what about the Sé Cathedral? The road to the castle starts here: incredible.

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Day 2

What to do on the second day in Lisbon? Simple, take the time to go to Alto district. Another essential area of ​​the city, especially since the nightlife is concentrated there. There are many trendy clubs, but also restaurants, as well as luxury boutiques. And right next to it we find the Carmelite Conventa sacred place.

What can we do in three days?

You have decided to stay in Lisbon at least three days? We have plenty of tips you shouldn’t miss. Because this city has a thousand facets, and it is incredible in every way.

  • Cais do Sodrè e Bica: a rather magnificent district of the city, especially because it is located by the river. Depending on where you are, you can use the city’s funicular to get there, like Bica’s elevator.
  • LxFactory: if we have more time to spend in town, we can certainly explore Lisbon and its surroundings. The places near the Tagusfor example, they are extremely characteristic, like LxFactoryan industrial complex where there are also trendy clubs.
  • MAAT: to all technology enthusiasts, we could perhaps refrain from offering a huge meeting point like the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology? Unavoidable.

What to do with four days?

If we had to answer the original question, how many days it takes to visit Lisbon, we would answer: at least four. Because it’s not just any destination, it’s not a “hit and run” place. Lisbon speaks to its tourists and makes them fall in love with breathtaking landscapes and a story to listen to, to “hear”, but not only with the ears, with the heart.

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How many days do you need to visit Lisbon? At least four

One of the biggest truths is that Lisbon should be visited (and experienced) around every corner. From Bele districtto Chiadofrom Baixa region until his beaches, we simply cannot be disappointed with this destination. If you have all this time to explore Lisbon, in addition to noting what has been said so far, we suggest Pedrao dos Descobrimentoswhich is the monument of discoveries, in the extraordinary form of a caravel.

Also not to be missed area north of Lisbonwhich has been renovated, and in which it is located the Oceanariumas good as Parque das Nações, to visit absolutely. In addition, the Oceanarium is the second largest aquarium in Europe: Could we really miss it? Absolutely not.

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