How to ensure the efficiency of photovoltaic systems with periodic cleaning

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Cleaning of photovoltaic systems

What is a photovoltaic panel?

A photovoltaic panel has a flat structure and is a optoelectronic device (i.e. an electronic device based on interaction with light) that converts solar energy into electric energy.

The panel is made up of a set of several Photovoltaic cells (covered with a protective glass) cohesive with each other in series and placed in parallel; while the exterior is usually made of aluminum, so as to increase the solidity of the product.

How a photovoltaic system works in a nutshell

As explained in the previous lines, photovoltaic panels are optoelectronic devices and convert the energy of light photons into electricity. The process starts from sunlight and is stimulated by the electrons present in the silicon (material present on the solar cells).

For this process to go smoothly, it must be done cleaning of photovoltaic systems periodic.

What are the advantages of a photovoltaic panel?

Having a photovoltaic panel is something that for several years has been considered more than practical since economic point of view. The advantages it can offer are indeed numerous.

At the beginning, the purchase of a photovoltaic panel could appear as a significant expense, but in the long term it can become a real real investment because it would save hundreds (or even thousands) of euros per year on energy consumption. If the money is spent sparingly and in the right system, can get your money back in less than two years.

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Another advantage for the photovoltaic system is that the availability of energy is almost unlimited et al 100% renewablesince the sun is used as fuel/combustible.

However, if you want to install a system, keep in mind that maintain an electricity supplierfor times when the sun is absent (and/or in the first period), it is essential not to run the risk of running out of electricity.

How to perform periodic cleaning of a photovoltaic system and maintain its proper functioning

The best way to maintain proper operation and ensure the efficiency of a photovoltaic panel is keep it constantly monitored And provide him with adequate assistance.

The panels, in fact, are intended for a long duration in time, this however if, and only if, kept in excellent condition And control yourself. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid that the bad weather can interfere with the reception and the contact with the rays of the sun. Dirty panels, indeed, malfunction and can lead to a 30% reduction in energy efficiencyand/or they can reach a point of no return and be completely ruined without the possibility of recourse.

During the year, the panel is continuously subjected to incursions of external factors, such as smog, insects, atmospheric agents (rain and hail), atmospheric dust, encrustations and residues of all kinds. The cleaningthe control and theSupport therefore, these are fundamental aspects to always keep in mind.

However, the first real step to take is to understand when the panels need to be cleaned And for what reason. The cleaning of the panels is, in fact, advisable to carry out only and only in certain situations; if there is one drop in performance or one malfunction it’s a good idea to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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The most recommended way to manage panel cleaning is to trust a professionalbut you can also perform the procedure manually, it depends on the case.

If the panel is not too extensive, it is possible to clean it manually, otherwise it is advisable to consult a specialist.

However, you should know that there are different types of assistance, and that they are mainly characterized by surveillance, facility And panel cleaning. The most common methods are thermography, efficiency monitoring and wash service.

How often to clean a photovoltaic system?

The most recommended frequency to maintain and preserve all the functions of the panel is to wash it at least once per season. However, this concerns fairly isolated placesmaybe in the countryside.

If, on the other hand, you are in a urban center (due to smog) or area sea (problematic due to the high concentration of salt), it is good to clean it monthly.

How can I control the amount of energy produced by my system?

To be able to monitor your system, it is recommended integrate a photovoltaic energy accumulatorwhich can manage the energy control and have an Internet connection that can provide you with a constant and updated charge and discharge of the energy produced by your photovoltaic system.

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