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New at the start recruitment 2022 before summer: according to the estimates of Conflavoro PMIthey are at least 70 thousand workers Wanted by companies, but not found. Not for lack of qualification, but simply for lack of desire to get involved and engage in the activity.

There are 2022 job offers, but there are few candidates who want also works weekends and holidays. Besides the fact that the salary offer it’s not proportional hours of work to be done.

The sector of tourism is the one that offers the most job opportunities, especially for the summer of 2022: but what are the Tasks yes candidates what companies are looking for?

Hiring 2022: which companies are hiring

In view of the arrival of summer, many businesses and activities in the tourism sector I’m at search for staff to be used for the season and especially before the arrival of tourists, including foreigners, in our country.

For example, it is estimated that in the hotel sector, almost 40% of the people requested are missing to better manage activities.

All this does not depend on the scarcity of candidates, but on the limited availability of the same a work weekends and holidays. An essential commitment for the tourism sector, despite the total number of hours not correctly recognized in the salary.

It should be remembered that the tourism sector mainly offers seasonal hiringthis is why some candidates who have found a permanent job may not leave it to go into tourism.

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Hiring 2022: how to find work

When it comes to hiring in 2022, many will wonder: how can i find work? There are some tips which allow candidates to gain visibility in the eyes of companies and which can open up new opportunities for everyone.

The first thing to do is clearly write a resume It is captivating and at the same time able to draw attention who reads it. It will be important to write the program depending on the type of offer for which you wish to apply: therefore, favor experiences in the sector rather than other professional experiences.

Another important thing for finding work is rely on placement agencies or job centers: these services allow citizens to get in touch with companies looking for staff.

Alternatively, it is possible look for work directly onlinerelying exclusively on accredited platforms to do so.

A final important tip is to never lose heart and keep searching until you reach your goal.

Hiring 2022: bonuses and tax relief for those who hire

In order to break the deadlock recorded for the tourism sector, the Government also confirmed for this year the hiring incentives 2022which mainly concern the most disadvantaged social categories.

For example, there is a hiring bonus for young people under 36: what does it consist of? A company that hires a boy under the age of 36 can benefit from a contribution exemption from the year of recruitment of the candidate, if the latter has signed a employment contract of indefinite duration.

Another advantage for the hiring concerns the women: employers who decide to include female candidates in their workforce will be able to benefit from a 100% contribution exemptionup to a maximum of €6,000 per year.

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There are also concessions for first level apprenticeship contracts: the employer can benefit from a reduction in contributions of up to 100%.

Finally, the 2022 finance law also confirmed the hiring bonus in southern Italywhich allows employers in the regions of Abruzzo, Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia and Calabria to obtain reduction of contributions up to 100% (up to €6,000 per year) for new hires, provided that the conditions set by law are met.

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