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Swimsuits for curvy women: tips for being glamorous and sexy in beachwear

The best plus size swimsuits are currently very standard and bearing in mind that 10 years ago you might have struggled with fashionable choices, finding the best swimsuits for fuller figures has become the norm, meaning it’s easier than ever to find something you like. Fit and texture are really important, because you’ll need something reassuring. Not all plus size women have bigger busts, but assuming you do, look for the best swimsuits with a worked out bust aid.

Avoid tight straps and bands around curvy areas. This would emphasize the areas and have a negative effect on the look. Instead, choose looser bikini sets.

Women’s swimsuits with elements, ruffles or ruffles in the stomach area are very suitable for covering up anything unwanted in this area. A one-piece swimsuit with tummy control is also a good option.

If you have a thin waist, suits with a belt are very suitable, as they will emphasize the femininity of your body. Choosing a high-waisted two-piece suit will also look stunning.

Busty women should aim for maximum support. Although it may be tempting to show off your beauties, it is best to stick with a women’s swimsuit that would provide enough coverage and also provide a nice shape. We recommend avoiding triangle cup tops and opting for an underwire bikini top or a one-piece set.

A black swimsuit would make you look slimmer. If you want a white swimsuit, choose one with nude lining for ultimate coverage.

Discover our plus size swimsuits for women.

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We hope our tips will help you choose the swimsuit that’s right for you. Check out our full selection of swimwear and beachwear here. Enjoy!

Women's Fuller Bust Type Swimsuit


Pear shapes will typically have slim, sensitive shoulders, a slim midsection, and curves around the hips and buttocks – think Beyonce, J-Lo, and Rhianna! You have a pear body shape if you have thin shoulders, a pronounced belly and your hips are bigger than your bust.

Since your lower body is larger than your chest, the key is to scale your figure outward by accentuating your upper half and distracting your base part with amazing bikini tops.

Two-piece tips for the pear figure:

– The tops: The bandeau top! With cups, prints, borders, destabilizations, everything that sublimates the chest. Push-up bras are perfect for small breasts. A larger bust will look great in underwired balconette two-piece bikini tops with straight, longer lashes at the shoulders

Bottom: Solid tones are great. Choose models with little coverage because you must avoid a “massive” look. A simple two-piece base with no side clusters at the hips, not too restrained or huge along the edges. It could be embellished with level gems.

– One-piece swimsuits with molded shell bust. Can be adorned with laces and subtleties on the upper part.

– When it comes to the best swimsuit for pear shapes, you have to be on the lookout for mix and match styles. We suggest pairing plain stockings with a gorgeous or designer two-piece top. This will serve to make a harmony between your more modest upper half and the more outwardly extended base half. Trust us – variety hobbling will never become unpopular!

– Bikini Sicily: Another incredible choice is to opt for high legs, as they perfectly complement pear shapes, helping to stretch the silhouette. It will make you look like you have legs for a very long time, making you look taller while emphasizing your beauty curves! Sicily’s high-cut strappy bikini bottoms are ideal for pear-shaped women.

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Finally, we suggest you choose molded strap swimsuit tops for women. Not only are they so sharp, but they’ll help get your top half noticed and show off your slim belly!


A feminine hourglass figure is fitted, yet exciting, with a full bust, rounded hips and a curvy midsection – think Sydney Sweeney and Kim K! You have an hourglass body shape if your shoulders and hips are tight and you have a well-cut stomach. This is an exceptionally feminine body type!

You have a slim, proportionate figure that lets you wear what you like, so enjoy it.

Two pieces for hourglass body type:

– Top: triangle, bandeau, balconette – everything looks great on you! You can dress however you want: prints, borders, neon tones, etc. You should try the latest designs, for example, tank tops and other unique styles of bikini tops!

– Bottoms: Brazilian cut high leg bikini bottoms, low rise scrunch, side snags and extremely light sides will complete your whimsical figure.

– Monokinis and one-piece swimsuits that play with transparent and worked textures. You can wear whatever you need!

If you’re looking for the perfect swimsuit for hourglass figures, you’ll have to embrace the works of art – the sweetheart balconette swimsuit set is awesome.

When choosing a swimsuit top, it’s essential to choose a strong style, so look for tops with underwire or more extensive lashes, similar to the Full help padded panther print two-piece top. With flexible double band lashes, underwiring and a little extra padding, this two-piece top is really stable!

Finally, in case you have been honored by the level, high waisted swimsuit bottoms are perfect for you. Basically, pair it with a two-piece top with a sweetheart neck area and you’ll make a real “feel” outline!

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Apple cast women will typically have slender hips and shoulders with curvier midsections and a fuller bust! You have an apple-shaped body if you have full curves, with a fitted tummy, base, and hips, a liberal cleavage, and a loose midriff. You have a curvaceous figure, so enjoy it – no vital blushing! Your partner by the ocean is a swimming set that emphasizes your décolletage, optically characterizes your belly and distracts attention from your belly.

When it comes to finding the best swimsuits for apple shapes, it’s really essential to find something that provides support for a larger bust, whether it’s an underwired two-piece top or a swimsuit with slightly thicker lashes like the beaut Kasos trim wired unclog swimsuit.

– Top: an underwired balconette bra top that both reinforces and enhances your cleavage. Variety is good, but avoid anything too garish.

– Bottoms: two-piece full or turned-up bottoms that you can create over as much or as little as you want to hide a small belly. High-waisted bottoms characterize the midsection and, in addition, their retro look is popular and trendy!

– The one-piece swimsuit is most of the time chosen by those who have an apple morphology and it is the one that highlights the silhouette the most. Choose an underwired model and prints in matching tones than crazy tones.

For the most complimenting swimsuit look, you have to try and make a trick. Choosing a ruched swimsuit like the Galle gingham ruched swimsuit is a fabulous choice, as it will deceive a slim belly.

If you are looking for a swimsuit, the high-waisted two-piece bottom is a must! Pair it with a stable scoop neck two-piece top to lift and support your bust while elongating your waist!

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