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Shopping online

Opening an e-commerce, or an online store, is a choice made by many people: thanks to online sales growthespecially in recent years, opening your own business online could allow you to invest your money profitably, obtaining an attractive economic return.

But how to start and who to contact? If you are going to open an e-commerce onlineyou should keep some important requirements in mind: for example, the VAT number is mandatorybecause it is a commercial activity that is not compatible with what is defined as occasional services.

What are the types online shops that can be opened? And How much does it cost open an e-commerce these days? The bureaucracy is complex, which is why it is good to rely on a good low-cost tax advisor, such as Fiscozen, to be able to complete all the necessary formalities very well.

In this short guide all useful information will be provided for open an online e-commerce store.

Open an e-commerce: how to do it?

The first thing to do when planning to launch a new online business is to choose the kind of trade that you intend to start. The simplest and most popular method is that ofe-commerceit’s a online store dedicated to your business where you can sell your products to customers or third parties. This solution allows to obtain a great customization of the platform, but at the same time it is very costly in economic terms.

Another possibility is to join other marketby inserting their products in a catalog: in this case, however, part of the winnings must be paid as sales commission.

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Finally, you can take advantage of the drop shippinga hybrid alternative that makes it possible to create a ad-hoc website for your business, while leveraging me services made available by large online retailers.

Open an e-commerce in 3 steps: the bureaucratic formalities

To open an e-commerce online you will have to follow certain necessary and mandatory steps:

  • openingof one VAT number;
  • register to Chamber of Commerce;
  • presentation of the SCIA;
  • register to Management of Inps traders.

Within 30 days of starting the new business, it is also necessary to open one VAT numberby associating a Code ATECOwhich will be – in our case, or for e-commerce – the following: 47.91.10.

Opening an e-commerce business is like starting one individual business: for this reason Registration with the Chamber of Commerce is mandatory competent at the territorial level, in addition to the communication of the start of the activity (to be notified to the Single Office for productive activities at municipal level).

Opening an e-commerce online: how much does it cost?

At this point it is also important to understand how much does it cost to open an e-commerce store: there are several expenditure items to consider.

To determine the annual costs to bear (taxes, social security contributions, etc.), it is a good idea to choose the tax system to adopt effectively: the most practical solution for an e-commerce is flat-rate scheme.

One of the advantages of the flat-rate scheme is that it do not have to apply VAT on the products sold, managing to guarantee more competitive prices than the competition.

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In addition, the taxation of this scheme provides for a5% replacement tax during the first five years (if certain conditions are met) and 15% from the sixth year. Otherwise, in the common law system, you have to pay personal income tax – and additional taxes – the rate of which starts at 23% for the lowest incomes.

For those who opt for the package, it is a good idea to also introduce the notion of Rate of returnwhich for e-commerce is equal to 40%: this means that, on a hypothetical collection of 1,000 euros, taxes and contributions will only be calculated on 400 euros, while 600 euros will be deducted for expenses incurred.

Finally, regarding the payment of social contributionswhich for merchants is around 4,000 fixed euros (plus a variable part depending on income), we remind you that the law offers a 35% off to those who adhere to the flat-rate scheme, which results in a a saving of around 1,400 euros per year.

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