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The Renault Clio is one of the the commercial vehicles most appreciated by motorists. Currently, it has reached its fifth version, released in 2022. However, in the market it is also possible to find the previous models, second handwhich are still a bargain.

Why buy the used Clio?

It is easy to find a used Renault Clio on the market because it has been around for many years. There are many versions on the market, but why prefer a used car to a new one? First, for choose the version that best suits your needs, although it is no longer in production. Another important factor is the possibility of saving considerable sums. In any case, it is advisable to focus on the models with 1.2 propulsion, particularly reliable and safe, or 1.5 dc if you intend to use it over long distances. In this case, in fact, the consumption is particularly low.

Renault Clio 2022

The latest generation of the Renault Clio was released in 2022 and is characterized by a height of 1.44 meters; 1.80 meters wide and 4.05 meters long. The trunk is very spacious, and goes from 396 liters to 1,069 liters by lowering the sofa. In the hybrid version, on the other hand, 100 liters of capacity are sacrificed to make room for the engine battery. The aesthetic recalls the previous models, with the LED headlights also at the rear (as well as the fog lamps) the particular C-shape, the slender silhouette and the very wide wheel arches. The materials of construction give an impression of quality, thanks to the skilful combination of soft and hard plastics. The dashboard is innovative compared to previous generations, characterized by an infotainment system in the raised position and the digital instrumentation, on a 7-inch screen, springs from the new leather steering wheel.

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How much does the Renault Clio cost?

Since March 2022, the automaker has updated its price list. The fifth version of the Clio starts at around 17,200 euros for the Equilibre SCe 65 version, up to a maximum of 25,850 euros for the RS Line My22 E-Tech Hybrid 145. Obviously, these prices refer to the basic versions, without accessories and in “standard” colors. Several packages can then be added. For the Balance version, for example, you can choose the comfort pack, priced at 700 euros, which includes automatic climate control, Easy Access System II (i.e. closing and opening the car without touching the buttons) and interior lighting front LED. Then there are other options such as Active emergency brake, which activates emergency braking and recognizes pedestrians and cyclists. Colors such as glacier white, iron blue and some types of gray cost around 800 euros, while Passion Red color has a price of 960 euros. In addition, whatever the configuration, you have to add 722.60 euros for the start-up. The latest used vehicleson the other hand, they have an average cost of 13,500 euros (for the 2020 and 2021 versions).

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