Influencers as the key to the heart of the general public

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In any field or market niche, there are now personalities who – due to their notoriety and preparation – are able to influence the choices of the public and consumers. As the definition already suggests, we are referring to influencers, true points of reference not only for their followers on the various social networks, but also for brands and entrepreneurs.

Influencer marketing: what is it?

To date, all of the top brands incorporate influencers into their marketing strategies. This particular application is called influencer marketing and is based precisely on the brand’s desire to reach wider market segments, taking advantage of the notoriety of a personality in the sector.

We must not forget that, in their universe, influencers have become references precisely because they have been able to gain the trust of their followers. The brand, for its part, tries to fit into this relationship of trust, making an agreement with the influencer. According to this contract, the influencer is called upon to promote and push the products of this particular brand, in a more or less natural way, relying on the very trust that he had managed to cultivate in his supporters.

The basic idea is that an influential person is able to recommend the products and services of an activity to his audience, in a more natural way than a company.

Influencer Marketing Focus Areas

As we now see, influencer figures are becoming more and more prevalent in the online and offline world. Their areas of intervention are extremely varied, so much so that now each market niche has its own reference influencers. An interesting example is Airbnb’s strategy to promote their locations: from Mariah Carey to Lady Gaga.

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Moreover, this desire for visibility – which feeds at the base anyone wishing to aspire to the rank of influencer – has pushed many of these figures to abandon more traditional fields (such as food, books and travel), now saturated, and to move towards new frontiers. In this sense, personalities linked to the gaming world have also been born, who directly promote specific video games or casino games on behalf of the different brands, on the different social networks, from YouTube to Telegram. In this instant messaging application, so-called channels are more prevalent tipsterspecialized in betting.

From these arguments therefore arises the realization that anyone who wants to invest in visibility on the digital world cannot help but involve the figures of influencers: today, these personalities from the social world represent an authentic key in the hearts of users and the public.

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