Is Facebook replacing the algorithm? Revolution is around the corner

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Technological evolution it spins at an impressive speed, as can be seen in entertainment and top free online casinos. Even in the world of social networks, there are more and more novelties and improvements that mark the daily life of those who use these communication channels with great care and wisdom.

Lately, it was impossible not to notice how much Facebook has seen a drop in terms of consumption by users, rather disturbing. In short, not only is the average age of users who use this platform increasing more and more, but it now appears to be by far the most distant social network possible compared to the main competitors, as in the case of TikTok.

The famous social network of Chinese origin, compared to Facebook, continues its incredible growth, managing to attract an increasingly young audience. Facebook is well aware of this and, according to the latest rumors circulating on the web, it seems that a new algorithm is in the works to be able to put spokes in the wheels of TikTok, which continues to launch new products like the store TikTok.

The indiscretions of the last period

Many news are circulating on the web and have been revealed by The edge, speak of conversations now considerably advanced by Facebook’s top management on this subject. In fact, from the first weeks of 2022, the line drawn by Zuckerberg and associates seems to be precisely that of refreshing the application in a revolutionary way.

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In a word, the main novelty would be that of modify the feeding algorithm. This seems to be the “goose that lays the golden egg” in an attempt to win back the interest of users, especially the youngest.

The idea would come Tom Alison, one of the vice presidents of Meta. And it was Alison himself, among others, during the last month of February, who launched the Reels linked to Instagram within Facebook and, now, the novelty could be precisely that relating to an algorithm change in the famous social network.

How Facebook Works Today

The algorithm that Facebook currently uses provides users with a kind of combination of content that is related to friends, followed pages, advertisements, but also Reels and more. In fact, to affect the operation of the algorithm, we also find external data and information. Currently, the algorithm was set up specifically to express preference for the content of the contacts you interact with the most.

It’s a choice that was made in the spring of last year, when Facebook decided to also remove the veils to the possibility of configuring up to a maximum of 30 favorite profiles. Of these, in fact, the greatest number of contents has been obtained, while limiting the people who can insert comments on their publications.

With the current algorithm, therefore, we prefer all content created by users who are “friends” or with whom you have the most interactions. In short, at least from a theoretical point of view, therefore, you should view the contents which, apparently, correspond more to your needs, but in reality you are locked in a real bubble, which is not particularly appreciated by young users. .

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The new algorithm that should be implemented by Facebookinstead, it should work in reverse. In a nutshell, the goal would be to “pierce” that bubble, allowing users’ feed to access content that also comes from creators you have very few touchpoints with, but is actually trending noticeably on social networks.

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