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Since when smartphone has become an object of common use, the world of entertainment has also changed. With these devices, you can really do everything, even play games video gameboth online and through the app.

Never mobile phones really took the place of console? Absolutely not. The world ofhome entertainment it is still the prerogative of systems of fixed gamethat is, of those that are installed in the house and that give the possibility of to play comfortably on sofaenjoying high resolution images and, perhaps, even a sound system which allows you to completely immerse yourself in the pleasure.

Living room consoles

One of living room consoles most loved by player of everyone is definitely there nintendo switchbecause it is one of the few entertainment systems that can support different game modes.

The To changein fact it is a console “hybrid”because it can be used both fixed this portablethanks to his baseinside which the console can be housed and which provides for the presence of two controller. These are placed directly on the sides of the screen, which can also be removed and used by two players at the same time.

Then by joining them to the central controller, they form the controller what it takes to to play when the console remains inside the base, so when you want to connect the console directly to the TV.

Alternatively, the controllers can be placed inside the guide placed on the sides of the devicein this way the console becomes portable and you can carry it wherever you want.

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Plus, when it comes to Nintendo Switch games, there’s a huge range to choose from, from legendary to timeless. Super Marioto fantastical adventures such as those which see the protagonist Zeldato the charming characters of animal crossing.

Online and multiplayer game

In addition, in recent years, the growing presence of online gambling platformswhich meets more and more success, grows console manufacturers for video games adapt, by offering supports capable of allowing share Game.

who buys one console for video gamesin fact, he does it for to share your own fun experience as much as possible. Over time, therefore, these devices They were improved more and more, to support an ever-increasing number of controllers, even up to 10 at the same time, engaged with the same game.

Some manufacturersin addition, they offer the share also from remotethanks to online multiplayer modewhich also includes a series of new games, designed exclusively for this mode.

The playroom in the house

Gone are the days when people went to game rooms to be able to have fun with his own video game favorite. The future of the video game is probably in thehome entertainmentthe living room transforming into racetrack, where you can compete with your friends and family by virtually competing with the fastest cars in the world; or you can catapult yourself another planet fight monsters and zombies. All comfortably seated all alone sofasurrounded by friends and perhaps enjoying a surround sound systemwhich is able to make the gaming experience as real as possible through high level sound and noise propagation.

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