Over D, the “street-classic” style that appeals to all ages

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SUR-D was born as a real laboratory of ideas, quickly becoming a benchmark in “Fast Fashion” in Italy and Europe.

The objective is to create collections that reflect the needs of consumers, drawing inspiration from the various market trends and Global Lifestyle, offering current products and attentive to the various changes.

It tells of the many possibilities and infinite mixtures that the world offers us. The collections are characterized by diverse products that represent true nuance, allowing the brand to transition with ease from the street world to the classic, and to aspire to a large and dynamic audience.

The mix of styles and genres brings to life a vast collection of outfits, suitable for every person, occasion, moment, stimulating individual expressiveness.

The brand is based on the concept of quick dress + utilitarian clothing that permeates all aspects of the collections, from design to creation.

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