Pension fund 2022: the best supplementary pension

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What is the pension fund 2022? The complementary pension it is additional economic support that every citizen can decide to provide for their own future. Every year, in fact, pensions undergo a revaluation and an equalization which often lower the amounts.

To get a higher pension in old age, it is possible to subscribe to a pension fund 2022. This is an additional income – paid over the years – which will be added to the amount of your future pension.

What is the best supplementary pension and how to choose between the different pension solutions 2022? Let’s try to figure out which are the most practical alternatives.

Pension fund 2022: what is it and how does it work?

Before embarking on the search for the best supplementary pension, it is good to understand that what is meant by the term “pension fund”.

The 2022 pension fund is a kind of investment that each citizen can do to ensure a additional income compared to future retirement che will be remunerated by the INPS or other social security organizations at the end of his career.

In other words, the 2022 pension fund allows you to get a higher pension draw on the cash paid by the saver over the years.

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The decline in births and the aging of the population are causing a major imbalance: choosing to subscribe to a pension fund in 2022 may be the best solution to guarantee a minimum standard of living in the future.

Pension fund 2022: what are the types?

When you decide to open a pension fund 2022 it is good to choose the best supplementary pension possible: but what are the possible solutions and the different types available?

The first type of 2022 pension fund to which anyone can subscribe, in the form individual or collectiveand the open pension fundthat is to say the possibility of ensuring a supplementary pension in the future.

This option is available from banks, insurance companies, wealth management companies or property management companies.

the second type of pension fund is rather reserved for certain categories of workers on the basis of agreements reached at union or company level and for this reason it takes the name of closed pension fund.

  • Individual Pension Plan (PIP)

This last option, the Individual Retirement Plan, is open to everyone, but it is managed only by insurance companies.

Pension fund 2022: what are the costs?

How much does it cost to open a pension fund in 2022? What are the expenses and what is the final gain?

When a saver prepares to subscribe to a pension fund to guarantee a supplementary pension, he must assess not only the vertical height which will be paid periodically, but also other management fees which vary according to the type of fund and the establishment with which it was subscribed.

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On average, the cost of a pension fund on the saver’s position is – according to the estimates of – equal to 3.03%. However, some fees related to certain pension funds can weigh up to 6%.

Pension fund 2022: how to choose the best supplementary pension

How to choose the best supplementary pension? There is no absolute ideal solution, but there are many options that can be perfectly adapted to each saver.

It all depends on what you are looking for, your financial resources and the duration of the pension fund you intend to subscribe to.

The pension fund has many advantages: in addition to a Taxation much more small compared to other investment instruments, it also guarantees a tax deductibility contributions paid (up to an annual limit of €5,164.57).

Also, pension funds they can be suspended or modified at any time by the saver who has subscribed to them: for this purpose, it is possible to request a ransom advance of sums paid up to that time.

Finally, thanks to the 2022 pension funds, you will have access to RITA (temporary anticipated supplementary pension): it will therefore be possible to early retirement between 5 and 10 years in relation to the date fixed by the INPS.

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