Postural pain: causes and remedies

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The posture is the position the body takes in space. The postural system includes several structures, such as the neck, head, and back. is critical maintain the correct position of each part. Otherwise, you risk experiencing back pain and conditions that require you to perform postural gymnastics sessions, or, in more serious cases, to resort to surgery.

Pain due to poor posture

The incorrect posture it is a problem that, in the long run, causes localized pain that should not be underestimated, affecting the upper limbs, the lumbar region or the spine in the same way. Indeed, taking an incorrect position it curves the spine abnormally and this stresses the anatomical structures, the muscles and the ligaments. The most common postural pain is Back ache, but leg, knee and hip pain are not uncommon. The latter, in particular, are caused by posture errors while sitting for a long time to perform the same activities. In this case, it may be useful to understand how to treat postural pain with Dicloreum products, or others of this type, in order to relieve them.

How to detect incorrect posture?

When we adopt an incorrect posture, we are often not aware of it. Pay attention to the signs sent by the body to understand that there is something wrong. For example, if you wake up particularly tired or exhausted, your posture during the night has probably been poor. It is also necessary to observe the position adopted when performing daily activities. For example, when you are at your desk, if the shoulders are stiff and slightly raised, or if the backrest does not adhere perfectly to the back of the chair, the posture is not correct. Likewise, the posture is inadequate if it is held the bent neck when using electronic devices or reading, or if your feet are off the ground when simply walking.

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How to correct the posture?

Posture can be corrected take some precautionsespecially if you spend a lot of time at your desk. In this case, you can buy special ones postural ergonomic chairs, like the Swedish chair (or kneeler), able to ensure the correct position of the back so as not to strain the spine. However, these chairs are not suitable for everyone, especially because they are usually very low. Alternatively, it is possible place a pillow in the lower back. In all cases, it is essential to keep the head straight, the ears aligned with the shoulders, using a support if necessary to keep the computer in the air. During the day, it is preferable stretch your legs, get up at regular intervals to stretch the muscles. Again, carry the weights using both shoulders, avoiding overloading one side. Same shoe they play an important role in maintaining good posture. Excessive use of heels or shoes that are too low at the same time strains your back. It may also be a good idea to use specially designed insoles to maintain correct posture.

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