Spring summer 2022 fashion colors: all the trends

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Spring summer 2022 fashion colors: all the trends

From Very Peri to cold shades of light blue and powder pink, from intense red to vibrant magenta, here are the spring summer 2022 trend colors!

His name is Very For the the Pantone color 2022 which will especially set the trend! It’s a blue with purple and red undertones, vibrant and full of energy, a totally new color inspired by innovation and changes in global culture. Cool but not dull, it’s a dynamic tone that can be chosen for different garments, from elegant suits to formal dresses. Accessories in this hue are also gorgeous, from day bags to extra glam evening sandals.

the pink that stands out among the trendy colors of spring 2022 is a powder face powder that Pantone defines tulle pink. Sophisticated, hyper-feminine and romantic, it is perfect for enhancing fair complexions, such as those belonging to the Summer and Winter Cool season by Armocromia.

We cannot talk about summer 2022 trend colors without mentioning the much more vibrant magenta, the Pantone Color Insinuation. Much more intense and fun, it’s a cold fuchsia full of personality, ideal for enhancing the contrasts of the winter color palette. We’ve seen it combined with black, white, soft gray but also lighter shades of pink.

We return to cold and refined colors with light blue which will dominate the next warm season. There are two shades identified by Pantone, lo spun sugar cold and romantic, and the Glacier Lake more intense, inspired by the colors of nature. It’s a perfect color to limit yourself even just to accessories, especially if you reward looks in equally light tones, from pastel to white, with which you can never go wrong.

The trend color red 2022 according to Pantone is called Poincianaa warm and powerful color which veers towards dramatic tones. It is definitely a sharp color, perfect in combo with white, with shades of beige and brown, but also with light pinks. Combining jewelry and gold jewelry and you will be most admired.

Lighter and colder than the Very Peri, the Lilac orchid flower according to Pantone, it will be one of the most popular spring-summer 2022 fashion colors. It’s a cold color who likes to combine with other very light shades such as white or pastel tones as soft as mint green. It will look great on fair skin tones with dark hair and sharp contrasts, but it also looks great on blondes.

There are three must-have shades of brown for summer 2022 in the Pantone selection: Coke Mochadark and cold, Sudan Brown warmer and sunnier Quartz Coffee, intriguing and elegant. Perfect for enhancing the tan and in general ideal for those who belong to the autumn season, they are at the heart of many proposals. They can be combined with pieces in beige and camel tones, as well as with clothes in shades from white to black, and for those who like color block contrasts, navy blue and forest green are also very good combos. chic.

Among the colors of summer 2022 fashion, there is also another shade of blue: the Royal blue intense defined by Pantone Great Sonic. Energetic and full of personality, he loves combinations with white, beige, purple, light browns and silver.

If, on the other hand, we have a weakness for warm and energetic colors, orange is the spring 2022 fashion color to invest in. The hues that dominate the new collections range from melon tending towards yellow to the splendid Coral Rose of Pantone with a stronger and more energetic presence. Perfect to show off with golden accessories and tanned skin.

Last but not least, the pure white is carving out a starring place among the spring summer 2022 trend colors. Wonderful to choose for short and long spring summer dresses, but also to be limited to accessories only. It can be displayed in gold as well as in silver, with touches of caramel and beige, with pastel tones ranging from pink to light green, from turquoise to lilac. And of course, if we want a stark contrast, black is also gorgeous.

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