The 5 best cities in Spain

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5 best cities in Spain

Spain is a country known for its beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine and passionate culture. No wonder so many people travel to Spain every year to experience all the country has to offer.

But there are many beautiful cities in Spainwe have compiled a list of 5 most beautiful cities in the country. If you are planning a trip to Spainbe sure to add these cities to your itinerary. You will not be disappointed.

Barcelona: the pearl of Catalonia

The first city on our list is Barcelona. This bustling place is home to some of the finest architecture in the world, including the famous Sagrada Familia. Moreover, Barcelona is known for its delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife. There is something for everyone in this city. In Barcelona you can visit the gothic quarterthe aquarium and of course stroll The Ramblas. Let’s face it, this city is magical and if you are passionate about football do not hesitate to visit the Camp Nou.

Madrid: the capital of Spain

Next on our list is Madrid. The capital of Spain is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. From exploring the royal palace to enjoy tapas in a local restaurant, there is plenty to do in Madrid. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this city. In Madrid you can visit the Queen Sophia Museum and admire the Picasso’s Guernicabut above all you cannot miss the incredible gastronomy.

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Seville: the most beautiful in Europe?

If you are looking for a small town to visit, Seville is the perfect option. This city is known for its beautiful Moorish architecture and its lively atmosphere, offers you a complete guide to the city. Be sure to visit the Alcazar Palace and take a ride on the famous Ferris wheel, the Giralda Tower and of course the Cathedral. Here in Seville you can walk along the Guadalquivir Riverdiscover the historic center and visit the places where they filmed The iron Throne. Consider programming the your trip to Seville spring is the best time to visit the city.

Valencia: the best paella

Valencia is another great choice for those looking to experience all that Spain has to offer. This city is home to one of best paellas in the country. In addition, Valencia is known for its beautiful beaches and its own beautiful architecture. In Valencia you cannot miss the historic center, the cathedral and much more.

Malaga: the south and the queen of the Costa del Sol

Last but not least on our list is Malaga. This coastal town is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, Málaga is home to some of the best museums in Spain, including the Picasso Museum. The city offers very interesting and historical attractions such as the Alcazaba, the Roman theater, the Plaza de Toros and much more.

Conclusions on the 5 most beautiful cities in Spain

Whether you’re looking for a city to explore or a place to relax, Spain has something for everyone. These are just a few of the many beautiful cities in the country. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today.

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