the favorite destination of 2022 for study holidays

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Trip to London

It will have happened several times to hear study abroad vacation, but what is it? Many students who experience the formative years as a pleasure may be interested in this type of experience. And also, with the support of their parents, they will be able to challenge themselves to improve their knowledge beyond the Italian borders. Thanks to a study vacation, a student can combine learning and fun, take language courses which will also immediately improve language skills. Obviously, this choice also allows you to carry out a recreational program and meet international students, expanding your social circle with strong friendships around the world. For the 2022 the favorite destination for students is London, a city that has a lot to offer in many ways, especially in education and training. Let’s see what are the characteristics of a student stay in London and what kind of experience it can offer a student.

Why choose a student stay in London?

On a purely touristic level, London is a pearl to be discovered. It is the third largest city in the Old Continent and one of the most fascinating metropolises in Europe. It is no coincidence that it presents itself as an excellent attraction for students of all ages and for tourists who come from all over the world. But how to organize a training trip to London? To organize a study trip to London, you can count on Trinity Travel Studio, a tour operator that allows you to choose among the best schools and destinations. Also, taking advantage of collaboration with INPS calls (which are dedicated to public employees) it is possible to participate in complete training programs for periods of different durations, also depending on the age of the student.

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Educational offers in London: which schools and universities to choose

Browsing through the best study facilities found in London, we cannot fail to mention the College of Goldsmiths, a modern environment where learning the English language becomes a real pleasure. For more than 200 years, it has trained young students ready to become renowned journalists, designers and many other professionals trained through stimulating activities.

No less important is the St. Dunstan’s College, located in Catford, 20 minutes by train from the capital. Students will find facilities equipped with modernized and state-of-the-art classrooms, with leisure areas, collaborative study spaces and specialist support facilities.

The third interesting study solution is the Avery Hill Campus at Eltham which offers its students several classrooms, a library and new socializing spaces with indoor and outdoor gymnasiums and sports fields. The fourth formation structure is the Campus Daniel Defoe from the University of Greenwich in London. All classes take place at the Old Royal Naval College, not at a random location. It has indeed been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

How to determine the duration of a study stay?

The choice is purely personal and the student, with the help and support of his family, must decide what the ideal length of his program is. In some cases, 2-week trips with a guide are organized during the summer, or you can also travel longer in the year, opting for a more complete type of study. The age of the student certainly influences the duration: in fact, this type of program can already start from the age of 9, since there are international structures that welcome students aged 10 to 17, but others that go even further, welcoming university students.

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