The growth of Spotify, between music and podcasts

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Spotlight on Spotify

Spotify is the main music streaming app and not only: thanks to this platform, you will be able to discover new musical pieces adapted to your tastes.

Created in 2006, Spotify has spread rapidly, especially in recent years, as the demand for streaming music has increased. The Swedish Service is a global industry leader.

In this article, we discover what is spotify and how does it workhow best to use it in the free or paid version, and how you can install on android device.

Spotify: what it is and how it works

Spotify is a ‘music streaming app which allows you to listen to and download music, podcasts and more directly from your mobile device, smartphone, tablet, but also Windows PC and Mac.

Famous around the world, the application has experienced enormous growth, especially in recent years, thanks to its ability to reinvent itself to keep up with the times.

Thanks to Spotify, users have a catalog full of millions of Italian and foreign songs, albums, artists and podcasts.

You can decide to take advantage of the free version application or subscribe to a paid subscription to use the best services and not benefit from any advertising interruptions.

Spotify: how to use it

To use Spotify no need to download songs or albums: simply install the application on your device (or use the web service), free registration or by taking out a subscription, and choose the song to play.
Using the application is very simple and intuitive: once connected, on the main screen I will appear tipssongs and playlist most popularpossible new releases.

The left bar, on the other hand, allows you to search for a specific song or artist: each song can be inserted in certain specifications playlist to create according to your own musical tastes.

In addition, depending on the type of songs listened to, Spotify will offer similar new songs: you can discover new songs and artists every week.

Is Spotify free or paid?

To get Spotify for free, you just need it install app on your smartphone and Login (by entering a username and password), or connect to other social networks (Google, Facebook).

In addition, when registering for the first time, Spotify grants a period of 30 day trial of the version Prime.

After the free trial, you can subscribe to different subscriptions: the Premium Version let’s enjoy unlimited skips and no ad breaks.

You can also download your favorite songs to listen to when you have no internet connection.

Spotify Premium: how much does it cost?

The cost of SpotifyPremium may vary depending on plans:

  • Individual – €9.99 per month (1 account only);
  • duo- 12,99€ per month (2 accounts);
  • Family – €15.99 per month (up to 6 accounts);
  • Student – 4,99€ per month (1 student account registered at the university).

Spotify: how to install it on Android

How can you download the Spotify app on a device android? Very often the latest generation smartphones already provide for automatic installation on the device. If the latter is absent, there are procedures to install Spotify on the device.

For download spotify on android you have to go to play store Google and search for the app in the search bar. Stock press the icon the information sheet will open, with the “Install“.

At this point the To download on the smartphone: mandatory > accept the terms of use and wait for the operation to complete.

Once the download is complete, you can tap on the option ““To get started in the world of streaming music.

Before you can access songs, playlists and everything related to Spotify, you need to Register by entering your email and choosing a password. Alternatively, you can connect directly with facebook.

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