The horse: protagonist in many fields

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Sport with horses

Since ancient times, when most people had to make do with their feet to get around, the horse has established itself as the main means of rapid transport for people. Those who possessed it, in fact, were in all respects privileged, since each of these noble animals had a significant cost and, once obtained, allowed not only a different social distinction, but above all the power and the possibility of moving much faster. It is therefore not surprising that once its use was consolidated, this animal became the protagonist of a series of fields, from sports to cinema, which we will try to analyze below.

A running sprinter in every way

Nowadays, the horse is certainly often associated with the races of which he is the main protagonist, even more than the jockey who guides him and directs his pace and pace. Indeed, there are many couriers who challenge each other every week on the most beautiful and well-equipped racecourses in the world in races on which it is possible to bet thanks to the specialized horse betting odds available online and referring to current races. such as those of Rome and Turin. Especially in Europe, there are many circuits in which the most talented and fastest thoroughbreds of all compete in trotting or galloping competitions, the two equestrian specialties that fascinate great horse connoisseurs. Between the two, however, the most spectacular is undoubtedly that of the gallop, the most dynamic and fastest category that characterizes a historic event like the Palio di Siena, which is probably the most important and prestigious race ever. organized in Italy and around the world. given its medieval origins which make it unique, so much so that the main television networks often compete to broadcast the competition, as evidenced by the historic passage that has just taken place from Rai to La 7, which has recently acquired the rights. The adrenaline and passion transmitted by the gallop of these noble animals therefore make them the protagonists of races of great intensity, races in which the total combination of jockey and horse is necessary to win.

The first actor in various film sequences

The horse, however, also plays an important role in cinema, especially when it comes to films that go back to very distant times when neither cars nor other means of transport were invented. Set of medieval films or eras related to this era, such as for example The Lord of the Rings, they are indeed full of splendid specimens of racehorses which are used for long journeys or in war scenes. After all, the knight has practically had a noble status for a very long time. Movies in which there are various scenes from ancient wars such as Brave heart Where Robin Hood they have in the horses authentic fundamental actors, since the protagonists of these events full of pathos and emphasis stand out on their backs.

Ultimately, the horse is much more than just an animal, as it can exude a significant dose of protagonist and power in many contexts.

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