The importance of disinfestation and rodent control

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With the arrival of the summer months, you may end up with annoying insects or, at worst, different species of rats. In the most serious cases, a disinfestation or deratizationalso by simple mousetraps, in order to prevent these animals from reproducing and carrying a considerable number of diseases.


The rodent control (or murine disinfestation) is a method of eliminating rodents, surmolotti, mouse and black rats. As mentioned, the urgency is to prevent bacterial and viral infections first of all, which are very dangerous for humans. To carry out rodent control, it is important to carry out step by step, first by contacting industry experts for a pre-inspection to understand the extent of the problem, and then deciding which technique to use. Usually the choice falls on some rodenticide bait to place in the critical points, where the rats accumulate, or in general in the strategic zones of the dwellings. In this regard, the law clearly states that baits must be placed in closed and sealed containers to prevent pets, but especially children, from coming into contact with the pesticides contained inside.


The disinfestation it is used to eliminate small parasites, in particular arthropods (such as arachnids, insects, etc.) and pests (ants, bugs, flies, mosquitoes). In fact, these animals can carry bacteria or viruses, nesting in every corner of the house or office. As with rodent control, the first step is to contact a company with expertise in the sector to carry out a inspect and assess the extent of the problem. Subsequently, the experts will identify the intervention aimed at disinfestation according to the type of parasites and insects to be eradicated and the environment. Indeed, the choice of the technique to use depends on the type of environment in which it is necessary to intervene. If the environments allow it, not requiring too invasive interventions, it is preferable to use non-toxic pesticide products or medico-surgical aids called biocides. These specific products are divided into different categories, which are distinguished according to the modality and/or duration of action of the pesticide.

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Biocides and their use

To delete arthropods, murids etc., specialized firms spread biocides in the environment at the points where the parasites hide. These products, in fact, are able to attract every little parasite and eliminate it effectively, sanitizing every room in the building in a relatively short time, usually a few hours. It is necessary to emphasize that each procedure of this type must be carried out exclusively by professionals in the sector, who possess specific technical and organizational requirements. In addition, this type of activity is regulated by law, taking into account the possible health risks for the health of citizens and for the environment; for this reason, it is necessary to rely exclusively on experts in the field who have the right skills and tools to carry out these activities safely.

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