The whole game in our hands

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At first it was the consoles, then it was the time of the computer, later of the Play Station, then of the Game Boy and finally of the mobile phone. A gradual shrinking process is underway for the gaming world, which for years has been gradually moving towards the simplest, but at the same time most necessary object in our lives: the smartphone.

We use them to call and chat, to keep in touch with someone, to attend meetings and take courses, to study and to inform ourselves. We mainly use them for our free time: listening to music, watching videos, being on social networks and finally playing. This is confirmed by the latest reports and surveys from, a platform that analyzes consumer data from the mobile world, in collaboration with IDC, a market research company, which speak of a growth of 50 percentage points. of the smartphone as a mode of play. more and more preferred to PCs and tablets, but also to traditional consoles.

A research carried out by Giochidislots also tried to investigate the origin of these trends and, obviously, they made it coincide with the period of confinement that followed the Covid-19 pandemic. Zero possibility of leaving the house, movements limited to the bone, forced closures. All of this has contributed to the growth of mobile gaming, a gaming sector that has come to generate $120 billion in cash flow. 30% more installations in 2021 for all programs and software that refer to video games or games, with an expenditure of almost two billion euros per week for online gaming applications.

A trend that has no intention of stopping and which indeed continues today, a time when restrictions have ended and life seems to have returned to normal. A movement common to all sub-branches of the game, such as that of legal and public gambling. The study published by Giochidislots highlighted that between July and September 2021, 75% of episodes came from mobile devices. Dominating the scene of bookmakers and platforms, Leovegas with 78%, as well as Betsson with 76%.

In this case too, there is no slowing down or reversal of the trend: mobile gaming has now become the master of the scene.

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