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Car and driving license extension

The holidays are finally here. If you too, like most Italians, decide to go on vacation by car, know that this choice implies a series of advantages that other means of transport such as plane or train would lack.

First of all, traveling by car will allow you to manage any type of departure and arrival time completely autonomously and, moreover, you will be able to add stops at the last minute without having to take into account various connections. Are you traveling alone or as a couple? Then you can also consider organizing a vacation with friends, by doing so you can split the cost of tolls and fuel, which significantly reduces the overall cost of the trip. In summary, by traveling on four wheels, you can:

  • transport the whole family, in case of friends, you can share the cost of the trip;
  • stop and visit places along the way as many times as you like;
  • carry a large amount of suitcases and accessories;
  • save on the cost of plane tickets which often have staggering figures.

Traveling by car: how to have the perfect vacation

That said, before embarking on a road trip, there are a series of precautions to take, let’s see what they are.

Car check-up

Before embarking on a more or less long journey, it is advisable to carry out a general check of your vehicle to ensure that the mechanical parts and components subject to wear are in good condition. To do this, you can decide to have the overhaul carried out by a specialized mechanic or, if you have a minimum of familiarity, to carry it out in your garage at home. The most important maintenance interventions are:

  • engine oil change;
  • check and change the fuel filter;
  • check and change the air filter;
  • check and change of brake pads;
  • damping system check.
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Even if this type of maintenance costs a little over 200 euros, once done you can drive with maximum safety.

Another tip we would like to give you is to check for the presence of a jacket, warning triangle, car jack, spare wheel or, alternatively, a tire repair kit . After adjusting the headlights and checking the tire pressure, you can leave with peace of mind.

Load the car properly

You have to go away for the weekend but you have three suitcases full of clothes and shoes with you? Then it is necessary to put everything in the trunk in an orderly fashion, making sure that they do not move during the trip. If you need to transport sports equipment such as bicycles, we recommend that you purchase a hitch-mounted bicycle carrier such as those sold on passion4ruote.itwebsite specializing in cars.

Obviously, when loading your car with suitcases and various accessories, you must be careful not to exceed the maximum authorized weight limit and to position everything so as not to obstruct the driver’s view.

Smart start

If you have ever tried to go to the sea or to the mountains during the weekend, then we are sure that you have noticed the heavy traffic that is created these days. Our advice is to do everything to avoid departures on Friday evening or Saturday morning, while for the return we do not recommend Sunday evening. To reach the resorts, the ideal is to leave early in the morning around three or four o’clock, because the heavy traffic usually starts after seven o’clock. In the case of a long journey, it is advisable to travel at night, provided that you are not too tired and there is no problem driving in the dark.

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Take breaks between

In the case of long journeys, it is a good idea to stop every two or three hours to stretch your legs, take a breath of fresh air and eat something to satisfy a little hunger. Whether it’s a long or short trip, it’s essential to stop and rest when drowsy. Unfortunately, one in five accidents is due to falling asleep, conditions that can occur unconsciously, especially in cases of excessive physical fatigue.

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