Twitter and the first tests on the Notes: what is it?

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Anyone with a passion for technology knows full well how the world of social networks is increasingly central to our society. While the entertainment industry has been increasingly revolutionized, including suggestions for understanding which online casinos are safe, it’s easy to see how many people spend all day on social media-related apps.

Well, one of the main social networks, that is to say Twitter, is about to release another big news. Indeed, “preparations” are underway for a new function, which could upset the habits of those who frequent this social network. We refer to the Notes: let’s try to understand what it is and what changes it will bring with it.

A novelty that points the tip of its nose

All Twitter fans are about to get their hands on a pretty cool update. The famous social network is indeed testing a novelty that arouses the curiosity of a large number of users. We talk about the notes, focused on testing and verification by a small group of bloggers and content creators. In a few words, we are talking about the possibility of creating posts, called Notes, using a specific function that will take the name of “Write”.

The last relevant news in chronological order, concerning the functions used daily by users, is undoubtedly that which corresponded to the doubling of the number of characters authorized for each tweet. It was adopted in 2017, in fact, from a threshold equal to 140 up to a maximum ceiling doubled, or equal to 280 characters.

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In any case, it is quite easy to understand how the 280 characters that have been proposed for the moment are barely enough for the communication of rather short news, as well as equally concise thoughts and content. When, on the other hand, a user wishes to publish something broader, the only solution available to him is represented by the “Thread“. In a word, these are several tweets which are linked and which will very simply make a whole speech.

Either way, there’s still a chance of consider a single tweet that is part of the feed and remove it from the context it is in. In this sense, it has also become very easy to achieve real manipulation of the original content. Therefore, that is why it is necessary to launch the “Notes”. These are contents that have a high degree of complexity, since they are not unique and are not fragmented, as is the case with threads. Notes, among other things, can be posted directly, without having to create discussion threads.

Features of Twitter Notes

If until recently we talked quite frequently about the function called “Articles“, In fact the choice of the famous social network fell on the word ” Notes “. A term that refers to all the contents that are characterized by greater length.

When this new Twitter feature should be available to everyone? We are talking about waiting a few more weeks. For now, Twitter is trying to focus on the testing phase, keeping in mind the opinions of those who have already tried this particular feature. As you can easily guess, the goal is none other than to optimize this new feature as much as possible while waiting for the official launch. It is clear that since ordinary users can also see the Notes, the social network will also take into account the judgment of the latter in view of the latest changes.

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