Used tires: are they a valid alternative?

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THE used tires I am a Valid Alternate buy a fleet of new tyres? Certainly, the choice allows you to to save money to the customer, but sometimes there are also many other reasons that can lead to the purchase of used tires.
What are the advantages they or they disadvantages buy used tires? Is it really useful to orient oneself on this choice?

Let’s try to understand, in this article, how and where to buy used tireswhat are the pros and cons, and when to avoid buying.

Used tires: why buy them?

The time has come for everyone change tires of your car: how do you know when to replace tires?

In general, you should look for a at least 1.6 mm treadso that the vehicle can benefit from good road holding.

This limit is important to keep in mind even when you intend to purchase new tires to replace worn out ones. Indeed, individuals often try to sell tires whose tread is not suitable for driver safety.

Buying used tires is definitely a economic advantage in terms of price, but it is not always the best alternative. When and why is it worth buying used tyres?

Used tires: advantages and disadvantages

It really pays off buy used tires for your own car or vehicle? While the online car tire business is on the rise, the buying and selling of used tires also seems to have increased.

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Buying used tires is definitely a benefit to in terms of economic economy: while a new tire has a high price, looking for the same second-hand model saves money more than half the money.

At the same time, buying used tires can be a security risk: the performance offered will certainly be lower.

However, there are authorized dealers who guarantee good quality despite wear: the best tires should have a at least 1.6 mm tread to ensure the safety of the vehicle and those who drive it.

buy one used tire from a major brand can however guarantee more safety and efficiency compared to a new tire of bad brand: in this case the choice of second-hand is certainly more advantageous.

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that the purchase of second-hand tires corresponds to a fleeting saving: inevitably these second-hand tires they will have to be replaced before – in terms of time – compared to the new tires you have just purchased.

Used tires: how and where to buy them

Before buy used tires it is good to understand where it is better to buy them: compared to private retailers, approved workshops offer more security and assistance in the event of a problem (drilling, shortage, etc.).

The individual is certainly the leader in second-hand tires for the price he can offer, but once sold he will not be able to provide any help to the person who bought the tires.

Not only that: the fraud are on the agenda. By buying from an individual we are not able to know how to use the tires, the tread available on the types of vehicles on which the tires can be mounted.

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To be able to count on aworkshop or one tire dealeron the other hand, it is a guarantee: once you have bought used tires, you could have them anyway assistance and advice on the best use.

Used tires: how to recognize the quality

When you are about to buy used tires, it is therefore necessary to keep certain information in mind to assess their quality and safety.

First of all, we reiterate, the Minimum tread from 1.6mm for cars to 1mm for motorcycles it is an absolutely fundamental condition to be mastered. It’s always best, however, to stick to levels a bit above the minimum.

An interesting trick is to check the tire wear: is the thickness regular or are there depressions?

Finally, it is important to check that they are not there obvious damage on the rubber, lacerations, abrasions or any other imperfection visible to the human eye.

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