What are the best stocks to buy in 2022

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Investments in Shares o the obligations involve the hiring of a risk: some subjects tend to underestimate this aspect which, on the contrary, takes on central importance.

Not always invest in stocks it’s convenient: there are gods quantitative factors which can be predicted by analysts, while I qualitative factors vary according to the news and the social context in which you find yourself.

What are the best stocks to buy in 2022? Let’s break down the 10 stocks to watch this year. We invite the reader to make their own personal analyses: the article is for informational purposes only.

Better Stocks – What Does It Mean?

Before diving into the investment context, it is useful to understand that what is meant by “best stocks”. There are titles that are better than others, but in what sense?

By best deeds we mean all those titles that deliver greater investor satisfaction in economic terms, in terms of profitability, results and volatility.

We can say – as he explains webeconomy – that the best shares are those issued by companies operating in the technology sectorable to offer the greatest volatility compared to other investment securities.

Best stocks: which ones to buy in 2022?

It is certainly not easy to predictstock market trends: as we said from the beginning, there are quantitative and qualitative factors.

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While I quantitative factors they can be studied and analyzed with specific indicators and mathematical models (technical analysis); the qualitative factors rather, they depend on the social context, on what is happening, on the news relating to a certain period in a certain place (fundamental analysis).

It should also be considered that the greater interest and momentum towards online business led to the spread of the so-called retails. these investors they usually invest limited amounts of money and they tend not to have too much experience in the field.

Stocks: The 10 best stocks to buy in 2022

Which are they top 10 stocks buy in 2022? Here is the ranking of the most captivating titles of the year, to keep under control (without being blinded by the vagaries) according to the site of webeconomy.

Under the best actions 2022 with the respective current price (at the time of writing, Thursday 26 May 2022):

  1. Shares Apple – approximately US$140;
  2. Stock Alphabet (Google) – approximately $2,237.99;
  3. Shares Berkshire Hathaway – approximately 461 thousand dollars;
  4. Shares black rock – approximately USD 591.86;
  5. Shares Amazon – approximately USD 2,142.25;
  6. Shares Innovatec – approximately €2.11;
  7. Shares Pfizer – about 50 US dollars;
  8. Shares Shopify – approximately 1,500 US dollars;
  9. Shares Nexi – approximately €8.53;
  10. Shares Etsy – about 78.84 euros.

The classification is for information only: it is a good idea to carry out a few personal assessments before deciding on which of the best stocks to invest your money. The level of risk it also varies depending on the amount of money you intend to invest, as well as a whole series of internal or external factors.

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Best stocks: how to choose which ones to buy

Once we’ve listed the 10 most interesting stocks and stocks for 2022, we come to answer a fundamental question: how to choose which stocks to buy?

Significant weight in the choice is given by its own behaviorbut also staff commercial strategy.

If you are looking for a immediate and fast resultthen it will be necessary to bet on more volatile stocks: as we have seen, these are mainly shares issued by technology companies.

For investors who prefer to stake their money in a way slower and one way – in the jargon we will say drawer drawer or buy and keep – the best choice is to concentrate on the most stable shares: for example those issued by gold sectoror by companies operating in essential sectors (electricity, water, etc.).

To understand exactly which stock to buy and how to choose, it is worth considering your own as well. wallet: according to yours economic availability it is possible to move towards volatile or stable values.

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