What are the characteristics of stairlift rails?

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Outdoor stairlift

When old age advances or you have been the victim of an accident that, even temporarily, prevents you from climbing stairs independently, it becomes essential to rely on a tool that has changed the lives of many people: the climber. -stairs.

The stairlift is nothing more than a robotic chair that, by connecting to the stairs of your home, will be able to take you to the upper floor and vice versa in no time, without any effort.

But what are the technical characteristics of stairlifts? How to choose the right model? What are the prices ? These questions can surely be answered, perhaps by searching for stairlifts on the first search engine we come across. But it is also true that it is necessary to rely on a complete content like this if you want to deepen a complex subject like that of stairlift rails.

Well yes. This may not sound true to you but it is one of the special features when you have to choose your stairlift. For this reason, we advise you to continue reading.

Straight tracks

The biggest difference between stairlifts is in the shape of the rails they ride on.

By far the easiest and cheapest type of stairlift to install is the straight stairlift.

These are often mass-produced, or at least made with easy-to-assemble components. Some companies even prefer that consumers can assemble the tool themselves.

Even for companies that like to be in charge of the whole process, straight stairlifts remain the cheapest option and also tend to be the quickest and least disruptive type of senior stairlift to install.

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Curved tracks

Curved rail stairlifts, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more expensive than straight stairlifts, but they are often necessary: ​​any stairlift that curves or has a landing will require a rail stairlift curve.

And because every staircase is unique, curved stairlifts require more precise measurement, usually by a professional with a good working knowledge of the types of rails their company can supply.

Folding rails

Folding rails have sections at the ends that can be folded manually or fold automatically to keep the ends of the rail out of people’s reach.

If your staircase adjoins a doorway or hallway, you may need drop-down rails to ensure the stairlift does not present a tripping hazard.

Most curved stairlifts rely on two rails to support and guide the chair with a toothed rail behind one of these rails to allow the chair to guide itself.

Outdoor stairlifts

Side note for outdoor stairlifts. These can be straight or curved, although most manufacturers only offer straight outdoor tools. They differ from indoor stairlifts mainly in their manufacture with weather-resistant materials.

Some manufacturers do indeed offer outdoor/indoor models which, with a few optional modifications, can work in both environments, because otherwise the controls, motor, seat and rails of the outdoor models are virtually the same as any other. stairlift.


In this article, we have talked about stairlifts; more precisely rails on which the chair will slide.

It is a fundamental element because the convenience and effective efficiency of your instrument will depend on it. As we have explained, everything will depend on the layout of your home and your needs.

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Thanks to our guide, we are sure that you will be able to buy the best model for your needs.

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