What are the most played casino games right now

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The love for the casino, shared for hundreds of years by millions of players around the world, has also found refuge in its online representation. Thanks to mobile devices, owned by virtually everyone these days, it is very easy to access gaming platforms.

These specialized gaming websites bring together experienced gamers, newcomers to the industry, and even casual gamers who make up the largest share of the market and are all ready to fight. Everyone hopes to be the winner at the end of the challenge, but luck has already chosen its champion.

The offer is certainly very wide and varied and many of the games that we are going to present are well known to audiences all over the world.

Slot machines dominate the market

First of all, among the most popular games in the best casino sites on the internet there are certainly slot machines. The reason is basically very simple. It is an easy game to play and does not require a lot of time or excessive strategy, even if the most experienced adopt one.

Thanks to the variety of slot machine titles that can be found, there are many interested users. Everyone will be able to find the niche that interests them the most depending on the graphics and the theme covered. Indeed, there are slot machines on the theme of Marvel heroes, others inspired by the exploits of Indiana Jones.

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Another very pleasant aspect, in addition to the detailed and colorful graphics, is certainly the sound. The effects are engaging, as is the background music, and it will be nice to spend a few minutes waiting for luck to see how much you’re courting it.

The Blackjack Challenge

When it comes to Blackjack, one can only think of a real challenge between the player and the casino, represented for the occasion by a professional croupier, very nice and able to distribute the cards in an excellent way, as has also been shown in some Hollywood movies. .

He (or she) will be the man (or woman) to beat, because the goal is to exceed the score obtained by the croupier, in case you play directly against him only. However, if there are other players sitting at the same table as you, you will also have to deal with them and things will get a bit more complicated.

In short, it will be true that a victory against three other players, in addition to the bank, is statistically more problematic, but certainly the reward that you will receive, if you emerge victorious, will be very respectable. At least it’s worth a try.

Poker and its tournaments

Through dedicated television channels, poker has entered the homes of thousands of families and has become, even among the youngest, a popular pastime and a moment of conviviality not to be underestimated. The same can be said for online poker.

It is certainly fascinating to sit down at the table with other players, who do not even know each other, and to study their game strategy, before unleashing all their firepower, represented by the chips that will be moved to the game. unison for an All-in by the great demands and hopes.

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There are also longer tournaments, which require a bit of patience and great skill to recognize when the best time to play the hand will be and to understand when it’s best to fold and let others play.


The real queen of all online casino games and beyond is undoubtedly Roulette. Beloved by the noble and less titled, the thrill of the white ball spinning through a multitude of numbers and colors is indescribable. The most cautious will choose the betting strategy linked to the colors (red and black) and to the even and odd numbers.

On the other hand, someone who wants to be a little more daring could choose a group of numbers or even fumble for a wink with their lucky number. Of course, by choosing only one number, the chances of winning will be less, but the potential gain is not to be underestimated.

All users who even today, after a few centuries, still like to try this spectacular game are well aware of this.

Instant win games

In addition to those games that require a very precise strategy, a fast-paced game trend has also emerged in recent years, capable of winning decent amounts of money in little more than a few minutes.

This category of games is called “instant win” precisely because it allows instant wins which, in the event of a positive result, can also be cashed out immediately. Among these games, the most popular nowadays are:


the bingo game itself is not brand new, but the well-known mechanism is still very popular and you just need to buy one or more cards and wait for the article to name all the numbers marked on it . Of course, you’ll also be able to see the number on video, in case you want to keep the sound low.

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I scratch the cards

Scratch cards are quite famous and well known in Italy. The digital version has retained most of the functionality, although the rhythm of the “scratch” of the hidden part will be decreed by the software and not by the light touch of your hand. What will be hiding behind the last square of your map?


Modern lotteries and especially digital lotteries have much faster extraction times than before. In the past, it was necessary to wait for months or particular events, whereas today it will be possible to know the lucky numbers even a few minutes after the bet that has just been made. Certainly a nice advantage.


This was a general overview of what, as things stand, are the most popular and beloved games for all online casino players. Although there is an air of novelty, thanks to the continuous development of technology, we are quite sure that some of these games will never go out of style.

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