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Long term rental

Long-term rental without down payment is a very fashionable formula these days, because it allows you to have a new car available without having to apply for a loan. Indeed, not everyone has sufficient cash to buy a vehicle and by choosing a service like this one does not have a significant economic investment. You only have to pay a monthly fee, paying a quite affordable sum. Once you have found the best long-term rental offer without VAT advance, you are sure to get a good deal. What are the requirements dealers for this service? Let’s find out together.

1. Possession of a checking account

The first condition to be able to conclude a long-term rental contract without deposit is the possession of a nominative current account. It is for the simple fact that the licensee must be able to bill the monthly fee through the Rid bank, so those who do not have a checking account cannot sign the contract.

2. Minimum income and payslips

Another requirement that is always demanded by rental companies for the no deposit formula is a minimum income. Indeed, the concessionaire must ensure that whoever signs the contract has the economic possibility of supporting the monthly fees. Thus, the last payslips or the tax declaration can be requested, which allow you to demonstrate your economic capacity. Indeed, there is no minimum income to be able to rent a car in the long term, but the same principle that is generally applied by banks when a loan is requested is valid. Usually, the monthly fee including tax cannot exceed 1/3 of the net salary. Thus, if for example your salary is 1,500 euros, the deposit cannot exceed 500 euros.

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3. Absence of declaration to the CRIF

Another very important requirement to be able to rent a car long term is the absence of reporting to the CRIF as a bad payer. Indeed, as also happens in the case of an application for a mortgage or personal loan, being present in the CRIF lists means not being able to conclude any contract. Indeed, those who are on the list of bad payers are not considered reliable.

4. Valid documents

Finally, you must of course be in possession of valid documents (identity card, driving licence, etc.), therefore not expired.

How to rent a long-term car without a deposit

Long-term car rental is now a widespread formula these days and the one without advance is considered the best, precisely because it allows have a new vehicle available immediately without having to pay a large sum. To sign a contract of this type, all you have to do is meet all the requirements we have just seen, contact the dealer and choose the vehicle.

It is important to emphasize that not all rental companies offer the possibility of choosing the option without deposit. It is therefore advisable to check this detail right away, in order to opt for a dealership that also considers this opportunity.

When to choose the long-term rental formula without deposit

In which cases is it worth choosing the long-term rental formula without deposit? When you don’t have a lot of cash and therefore want avoid spending a lot of money. The main advantage of this option is indeed to start paying the monthly payment immediately, without having to pay an initial sum. This is a really handy opportunity to take if you prefer to keep your savings in your account rather than make a large withdrawal.

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