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Investing is not just an adult topic. Thanks to postal booklet for childreneven miners can approach savings and understand the logic of investments.

In addition to postal savings vouchers, there are other solutions for parents who wish educate their children to save.

What is the children’s postal book and how does it work? Poste Italiane provides many types postal booklet for children: which one to choose for the best results?

Postal booklet for children: what is it?

the postal booklet for children it is a savings alternative that has developed considerably in recent years. In fact, parents often decide to save money and invest in your children’s futurein order to educate even the smallest to savings and economic stability.

To subscribe to savings books, both parents of the minor child must go to the post office and sign everything documents necessary. The postal book is in the name of the child.

Using this tool, you can withdrawals or deposits at any time, without constraints, but with the application of a interest rate. This way, even miners can learn how to manage their savings.

There are several solutions that allow children of all ages to approach investments and the concept of savings: let’s see what types of postal booklets exist and how they work.

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Children’s postal booklet: which one to choose?

Types of postal booklet for children differ according to the age of the minor: from newbornspassing by me childrenroom for boys of age. Once the age that allows access to the next booklet is reached, the change is made automatically.

The first type of children’s postal booklet that can be subscribed to is I grow, from zero to 12 years old. This first range therefore includes infants, but also children and adolescents.

The next type of children’s booklet offered by Poste Italiane is I knowreserved for children and teenagers from 12 to 14 years old.

Finally, the last type of postal booklet for minors includes children from 14 to 18 years old: I understand.

In the three options above, there is a payment limit up to 15 thousand euros.

Postal Children’s Book: How It Works and Returns

Each type of postal book is characterized by boundaries on available operations.

For example, the postal book I grow up (from 0 to 12 years old) is in the name of the infant or child, but allows withdrawals or deposits silver only to parents.

The intermediate postal book, I know (for children aged 12 to 14) has a greater margin of freedom: it allows children to withdraw up to 25 euros per dayup to a maximum of 250 euros per month.

At last, I understand (for children aged 14 to 18) allows you to perform operations Withdrawal directly to young people, within the limit of 40 euro per day or 400 euros per month.

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Regarding the interests and have Return, Poste Italiane granted until 2013 interest rates at 3%, absolutely advantageous. To date, however, a children’s postal booklet can yield very little, with a gross annual rate it’s a net annual rate the two 0.01%.

Postal booklet for children of separated parents

As we have already specified, to open a children’s postal booklet, you need the signature of both parents at the post office: but in the case of separation or divorcehow does the procedure work?

If one of the two parents is unable to sign, it is possible to grant one delegation to the other parent also act in his own name.

Postal booklet for disabled children

parents of children with disabilities can open a postal booklet for minors who receive the disability support allowance: these sums must in fact be credited to an account in the child’s name.

Initially, the authorization of the guardianship judge was required to sign this type of postal book, but subsequent court decisions by the INPS and Poste Italiane changed and simplified the procedures.

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