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Trello is an application available on smartphonebut also on office: known and used especially in the age of smart work, it is still a valid alternative for today manage business projects.

Managing work from home has never been easy, but thanks to some apps – as well as Skype for video conferencing – you can accomplish big projects without ever losing focus and determination.

Trello is a key app for me business projects: but what is it, how does it work and how to use it to organize work?

Trello: what is this new application?

the smart work spread rapidly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and allowed companies to continue their activities by transferring offices directly at home of individual workers. Everyone through their own PC remained in contact with their colleagues and communicated projects, results and commitments.

Often, responding to messages on WhatsApp and numerous e-mails took time away from the workers to devote themselves to their projects. This is why he was born Trellothe new app that allows companies to organize themselves wholesale.

Whether it’s projects, engagements or individual company activities, Trello lets you collect all the post-its hidden under the PC in a single space, visible and editable by all workers.

Trello: how does it work?

To start using Trello you have to register on the website official, or download theapplication all alone smartphoneto always have business projects at hand.

Once registered, Trello will display the main screen: from here you can get started create the project committee. We can make a comparison: the Trello board – whose name is customizable – is very similar to a whiteboard, where everyone can write their own ideas and advice on how best to develop the project themselves.

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Once the Bulletin Board is created, the Lists. You will need to create at least three of them:

  • Things to do (To do list);
  • things done (Fact);
  • progress (Stock).

You can enter all the lists needed to manage the project, not necessarily a maximum of three.

In each list, it is possible to insert Cards: each of these contains all tasks and activities that each worker does or follows. In each tab, it is possible to insert new users, attach files and set time limits.

Also important is the control Listthat is to say the whole of all the work carried out and completed.

For invite people or colleagues To use Trello, simply enter email addresses in the appropriate section.

Trello: How to use it for better results

Trello may seem a bit complex at first, but over time you can learn it quickly and easily. tips for making the most of it in the management of projects and activities of the company.

For example, it is important to know the function of Labelsthanks to which it is possible assign each user a different colorso you can see at a glance who is taking care of the activities.

Labels can also be used to give priority and urgency to individual tasks: for example, red for urgent things, green for less with less priority.

Once you have some familiarity and craftiness, you can insert gods into Trello Power on: what are they? Power Ups are free tools that can enhance app functionality. Certainly among the best known and used there are Google Drive And drop boxvery useful for sharing and organizing project files.

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There will be no more distractions or oversights: Trello has everything you need to know and do every day.

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