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Organic cosmetics

Sales of organic cosmetics has greatly increased over the last decades: according to research carried out by Transparency Market Researchin 2012 the sale of these natural products in the world amounted to 5.8 billion euros, while in 2018 it reached the threshold of 10 billion euros.

An incredible leap for organic cosmetics because citizens have internalized the importance of sustainability andecology. Using natural or plant components to manufacture cosmetics is an added value for the protection of the planet but also for the care of one’s body.

What are the organic cosmetics and why is it convenient to use them? Let’s dispel some myths about natural products and try to understand what we are talking about.

Organic cosmetics: what are they?

To define an “organic” cosmetic product, it must comply with certain regulations in this area: for example, organic cosmetics must be certified and must have a composition of organic ingredients which reaches at least 95%.

Indeed, organic cosmetics guarantees compliance with very high requirements regarding the use of natural ingredients, of natural origin and natural-identical. It is precisely for this reason that I price of these products they may be higher than traditional cosmetics, but the results are just as satisfying.

To be considered organic, a cosmetic must not contain surfactants, paraffin, silicones, synthetic dyes derived from petroleum, parabens, allergens, which are all substances typical of traditional products. The only components of organic cosmetics have plant origin or natural.

Organic cosmetics: how to recognize them?

THE organic cosmetics they are increasingly appreciated by citizens for their durability and for the special natural effects they have on the body, hair and skin. But how to recognize them?

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To recognize organic cosmetics it is good to pay dearly pay attention to the label: in addition to checking the ingredients that compose them, it is good to check the presence of certain acronyms.

There are special certifications in all countries of the European Union which only apply to organic cosmetics that meet certain minimum standards. In Italy, for example, the Ministry of Agriculture has recognized two of them: the ICEA (Institute for ethical and environmental certification) and the CCPB (Consortium for the control of organic products).

We must dispel the false myth that considers organic cosmetics to be an ineffective product. On the contrary, numerous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of these natural substances which, in contact with our skin, promote cell regeneration and allow immediate effects.

Organic cosmetics: why use them

Why use organic cosmetics? What are the advantages? It is better to prefer natural cosmetics to traditional ones containing chemicals, especially if you have delicate skin or suffer from certain allergies. We point out this useful guide in the sector of organic cosmetics: https://cosmesibio.net/ where you can find many tips for choosing body cosmetics for face and hair.

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a organic cosmetics is the fact that the ingredients in the product are made naturally and therefore, unless you have some sensitivity to the specific allergens found in nature, you can more likely avoid adverse reactions from the chemicals present, instead in traditional cosmetics.

Plant components or other plant substances from which essential oils are extracted are very often used to be incorporated into products for the face, hair or body. These substances have benefits for our body and for our skin: they do not damage cellular tissues, because they come from natural and sustainable products.

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Another important consideration on organic cosmetics concerns our contemporary society: the new ecological and sustainable challenges are pushing more and more companies to innovation, to the development of Green products and environmentally friendly. Focusing on organic cosmetics, in this sense, not only allows you to obtain visible benefits on your skin, but also to respect the environment that surrounds us.

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