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Seaside tourism in Sardinia

Clean and crystalline sea, white beaches of fine sand or mixed with pebbles, sun, relaxation guaranteed: you don’t have to go far to enjoy the summer. One of the favorite destinations for Italian and foreign tourists for summer holidays is the Sardinia.

From north to south, the island offers incredible panoramas, breathtaking panoramas and endless activities: difficult to choose which destination to privilege among the many blue flags of the year.

For all those who have booked the summer holidays in Sardinia for the first time, or for several consecutive years, here what to see and where to go.

Holidays in Sardinia: what to see from North to South

The summer holidays in Sardinia they are not easily forgotten: all the destinations, the beaches, the magnificent and suggestive places will remain engraved in the memories for a long time.

As soon as your stay is over, you may want to return to the island, perhaps next year.

What are the places, townthe beaches the most suggestive not to be missed in the Sardinia North and South? Here is a full list of unmissable destinations on the island.

Summer holidays in Sardinia – North: where to go

In North of Sardinia there are many suggestive landscapes, famous cities, crazy beaches: the important thing is to know which places to visit even before setting off on a trip.

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If you have booked your summer vacation in northern Sardinia, you cannot miss the excursion byMaddalena Archipelago: composed of a total of 62 islands, of which only 2 are inhabited, La Maddalena and Caprera. Among the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago are the pink beach And Cala Spalmatore.

Impossible not to stop in the splendid Costa Smeraldawhose central core is Porto Cervo: renowned above all for VIPs, this small village contains luxury and charm in every lane.

Also in the north of Sardinia it is possible to visit Saint Teresa of Galluraa lively and colorful city that offers enchanting services and beaches: Rena Bianca, Cala Sambuco and the magnificent promontory of Head Head.

Finally, the small town of is also beautiful castelsardo inserted among the most beautiful villages in Italy: here you can visit the Castle of the Dorias, with its beautiful hand-woven dwarf palm baskets. There is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches Lu Bagnou.

Summer holidays in Sardinia – South: where to go

If, on the other hand, the summer holidays are planned in the south of Sardinia, there are as many places not to be missed on the island: one of them is Cagliari.

The regional capital offers many cultural activities, historical and artistic attractions and of course many beaches. not to be missed when visiting the Citadel, the medieval quarter surrounded by white walls and tall towers; but also theroman amphitheater, the Cathedral of Santa Mariaand the wonderful Ramparts of Saint Remy.

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Moving on to the beaches, in Cagliari you can also visit the beautiful Poetto Beach.

And still in the South of the island it is a must to visit Sant’Antiocowhich offers many secluded and exclusive beaches to spend a relaxing afternoon away from the world: Portixeddu, Cala Sapone, Cala della Signora And Cape Sperone

Finally, Costa Rey it is a fundamental step for all those who spend their summer holidays in Sardinia. In this area you will find fine white sand beaches and crystal clear blue sea: it will seem to be in the Caribbean.

Holidays in Sardinia: how much do they cost?

Holidays in Sardinia: economic or expensive? Before you book your trip it’s good evaluate different alternatives: from hotel to B&B, from apartments to village. Compare prices and services offered is the first step to save without giving up the best alternative.

Often the cost of holidays in Sardinia depends on the travel periodhotel and services included in the package, but also small daily choices.

Instead of visiting the most famous equipped beach on the island, you can opt for one of the many small creeks with free access which offer a crystal clear sea and a very beautiful white sand beach. Better bring a parasol and deckchairsas well as a fresh packed lunch for the summer: savings are thus guaranteed.

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