when do they start? Dates for each Region

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Also for this year the summer sales 2022: What are the departure dates Region by Region?

Confcommercio confirmed the shopping and the savings opportunities also for the summer months of 2022, setting a start date at the national level, while for the deadline, it all depends on the different regional resolutions.

Here is when the summer sales start and what is the timetable envisaged by each Region.

Summer sales 2022: when do they start?

Usually I sale They are divided into summer and winter: the first take place in summer to promote sales of clothes, accessories, shoes and much morewhile the latter generally concern the winter period and make it possible to dispose of the stocks remaining in the warehouses.

They do not exist at your house set forstart of summer or winter salesbut the reference months are surely July and January of each year.

Confcommercio has set a single start date for the 2022 summer money for all Italian regions: it starts from Saturday, July 2, 2022.

Compared to the two previous years, during which we had to deal with the health emergency and where the Regions were forced to postpone the start dates of the sales, in 2022 there will be more space for shopping and shopping. , same without glasses (in places where it is not provided) and without a green pass.

Summer sales 2022: how long do they last?

How long are the 2022 summer sales? Generally, summer or winter sales have a fixed start date, while for the end of discounts it is necessary to refer to individual regional resolutions.

In general, the summer sales period has a duration equal to 60 days and so continue, from the beginning of July to the end of August.

However, some Italian regions have established a shorter duration summer sales, up to 45 days or 6 weeks.

Summer sales 2022: dates for each region

Turning instead to calendar from the beginning and the end of summer sales 2022, we are already able to list all the start and closing dates of the discounts for each of the Italian regions.

Here is the schedule for start and end of summer sales 2022:

  • Abruzzo: from July 2 to August 31;
  • Basilicata: from July 2 to September 2;
  • Calabria: from July 2 to September 1;
  • Campania: from July 2 to August 31;
  • Emilia-Romagna: from July 2 to August 31;
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: from July 2 to September 30 (even for non-consecutive periods);
  • Lazio: July 2 to August 13;
  • Liguria: from July 2 to August 16;
  • Lombardy: from July 2 to August 31;
  • steps: from July 2 to September 1;
  • Molise: from July 2 to August 31;
  • Piedmont: from July 2 to August 27;
  • Puglia: from July 2 to September 15;
  • Sardinia: from July 2 to September 3;
  • Sicily: from July 2 to September 15 (duration of 60 days, even non-consecutive);
  • Tuscany: from July 2 to August 31;
  • Umbria: from July 2 to August 31;
  • Aosta Valley: from July 2 to September 30;
  • Veneto: from July 2 to August 31;
  • Trentino Alto Adige: from July 15 to August 8 in most municipalities of the province of Bolzano. For 60 days with free dates for traders in the province of Trento.

As we can see, in almost all regions the summer sales start from Saturday July 2 (except for the autonomous provinces), while the end dates of the sales may vary depending on the region to which they are sold. belong.

Online summer sales 2022: when do they start?

Especially in recent years, Italians have rediscovered the possibility of making online purchases on the best international e-commerce sites. Are there also summer sales in online stores? Sure!

Usually the opening and closing schedule online summer sales perfectly matches that of physical stores, but there are exceptions.

You can find advantageous offers and discounts for the entire period of Julybut also in August. To check the start date of online sales, it is good to check the website where you intend to make purchases: each channel can have different dates.

It is also important to remember the Amazon’s first day beginning of July, an opportunity to save money for all lovers of online shopping.

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