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What are they and how do they work life insurance policies 2022? What life insurance do they offer? best guarantees and which one is better to subscribe?

The world of life insurance and insurance policies is very large and it is often difficult to navigate. Before taking out life insurance, it is important to know all alternatives available and the best solutions for your state.

here is one simple and complete guide on life policies 2022: what is it, how does it work, which one to choose.

Life contracts 2022: what is it?

The life insurance and the most popular insurance product in Italy, as revealed by a recent investigation by Ania. But what is it?

The notion of life insurance policy or life insurance includes a wide range of topics: from the insurance stipulated on the risk of death or disability (pure risk life insurance), up to that aimed at retirement planning and aging (capitalization life insurance).

A life insurance policy allows you to obtain a cash contribution in certain situations.

For example, for young people there is the possibility of insuring against the inability to earn money, while for families there are life insurance policies even in the event of the death of a member. of the family.

To date, taking out a life contract can be useful and advantageous, but you have to be careful about different types of life insurance 2022 that can be subscribed. Let’s see the main ones.

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Life contracts 2022: what are the types?

Which life insurance policy is best suited to your needs? To find out, we must try to understand What are the different types of policies life currently available.

To date, there are two macro categories of insurance on the market:

  • life insurance policieswhich allow you to recover all of the paid-up capital if you are still alive at maturity;
  • life insurance policies in the event of deathwhich offer the subjects identified by the subscribers to obtain a contribution in cash in the event of the death of the signatory.

The first type of life policy is what is called additional savings, as it provides no insurance against any adverse event. The second type of life contract, for its part, comes under the life branch and specifically concerns protection of the individual.

Life contracts 2022: how does it work?

How do 2022 life insurance contracts work?

In short, these types of insurance are both among those that are alternatives to savings so many among investments future for themselves and for others.

By paying an insurance premium, it is possible accumulate savings to protect yourself the risk of death, disability, illness, or pay an economic contribution in cash to their survivors.

In advantages of the underwriting of life policies are several:

  • the benefits due to the company are indestructible;
  • benefits paid are Taxation;
  • the 19% the part of the premium relating to the risk of death, total and permanent disability, serious illness or loss of autonomy it is deductible from personal income tax.
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Best life insurance contracts 2022: which one to choose?

How to choose between best life insurance policies 2022? Based on Return they offer and have price to pay, everyone can decide where to divert their own savings.

Among the best life policies – relating to the month of May 2022 – we find:

The duration of this life insurance policy is included between 2 and 30 years oldto total capital variable from 50,000 to 2,000,000 euros. Coverage includes death, total and permanent disability, accident and disability, serious illness.

It has a duration of one year and it can be renewed up to a maximum of 20 timesmanaging to constitute a capital included between 25,000 and 350,000 euros. These are the guarantees offered: death, total and permanent disability, additional death following an accident or road accident, capital advance in the event of diagnosis of very serious illnesses, additional cover in the event of non-autonomy.

  • Free Special Mint by MetLife

The duration of this insurance may vary between 5 and 30 years old, with possibility of capitalization included between 50,000 and 500,000 euros. The installments can be very small, up to 8 euros per month. If necessary the family can get a advance of 10,000 euros.

  • VitaSicure Death Insurance Contract

Has a constant price throughout the duration of the contract and allows you to build up capital including between 20,000 and 300,000 euros. The guarantees offered include death, total and permanent disability following an injury or illness.

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